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  1. Hahaha :) Ok, it’s safe to say you made up for lost time! Awesome.
  2. So sorry to hear about this experience. It’s every traveller’s worst nightmare, particularly when your time on holiday in Thailand is so precious. Well done for making alternative plans and getting over there. Hopefully now you can make up for lost time and really enjoy it. Good luck with the reimbursement claim too.
  3. I’m keeping tabs on these developments every day. I’m about ready to pull the trigger on booking a week’s visit in February, and I need to be sure of optimum drinking time! Feb 23-24 is now just a month away so, if there are going to be elections on those days, they will need to confirm it pretty damn quick. It’s looking 99% likely it will be delayed. But until that extra percent is added, I’m holding fire against pressing the ‘book now’ button, just to be safe!
  4. Fantastic, thanks for the encouraging reports guys. Yeah Mulli’s is a decent boozer, always stop there for a quick one or two when I stay in Soi 11. I always used to stay opposite in the Aloft, but the prices there have really gone up over the past year. Looks like the Citadines might be the winner this time, cheers gents :)
  5. Just found these on my phone. Here is a pic of the bar at the Bangkok Mikkeller, to give you an idea of the beers and prices. Pumps 18 and 25 look a bit lively! Both 13% - probably for the best I didn’t try either of them! And an action shot of a pint of ale along with some taster flights at Craft on Soi 23. You’ll see I went for some variety with my tasting tray... from the left, it looks like a craft lager, an IPA, a porter and a blonde ale...
  6. Has anyone stayed at the Citadines on Soi 11, opposite the Aloft? I like staying in Soi 11 and I’ve found some pretty good prices for this hotel in March. Pics look great, but wondered if anyone can provide a first-hand assessment. Room comfort, guest friendly etc. Thanks :)
  7. Craft beer and ale can be found, but you will certainly pay premium prices for it. Craft on Soi 23 is great. Only a short walk from Soi Cowboy, with a big open-air area on the corner of the street. They had loads of ales on tap, and you can also take the tasting option and have 4-6 flights of different beer rather than one pint. There’s a very similar place at the top of Soi 11 called Brew. It’s a lot smaller, but they have a similar beer menu. It’s in the same place where you get the amazing Daniel Thaiger burgers, so well worth a visit! Beats’ suggestion of the Ekamai Beer Hous
  8. Another vote for EVA Air from me, for economy they are definitely the best I’ve experienced in terms of comfort, leg room and reliability.
  9. Awesome, thanks for the info and the tip - I will check that out.
  10. Hi, just wondering if anybody has experience of staying at Hotel Aloft on Soi 11 and whether it is guest-friendly? I stayed at the Ibis on Soi 4 for my first visit at Christmas. It had a great location and was cheap, but I quite like the look of the rooftop bar/pool at Aloft for when I'm back in May. Any feedback or experiences gratefully received!
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