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  1. Hey everybody, I'm going to BKK in February and will stay in this hotel.... So just couple of question: Is it a good hotel (Room, Service, pool...)? How about the location how far from the action? Is guest friendly? Thanks
  2. Hey everyone Prepare my trip for February in Bangkok... 😁 Anyone stayed in Travalodge hotel? How are the room? Is the location close to the action? Guest friendly? Anything I should know about before booking? Thanks.
  3. Hey It's me again !! Lol I don't know which hotel should I take can you help me with some recommendations ? And explain why ? Just two thing I need a good internet connection and swimming pool !! ???? My budget will be 1500€ for ten days but if it less I will happy because more money for the girls!! My trip will be only for the sex !!! Hahahaha Thanks
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