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  1. I've made shirts from Nana Fashion on Soi 6, amazing quality and work, fast too. I've made shirts and trousers from a 5 star reputable amazing reviews tailor in Phuket - they are of lesser quality and I am less pleased with those..
  2. I thought about splitting my time because I can't know for sure if a hotel is good or not.. but I would prefer to stay In the same one yes.. Hope I will like it :)
  3. Hi! Im going for a 2nd trip in January and staying in bangkok about a week. maybe more. I want to be somewhat close to Nana and I saw The Dawin Hotel, it is the maximum of my price range and it seems great. Has anyone been in the dawin and has a review about the room other than agoda/tripadvisor reviews? Last time I stayed in S Sukhumvit Suites, nice hotel no complaints. I thought also about maybe splitting up my time in 2 hotels, 4 days at the Dawin and 4 days at another? If you have recommendations I'll be glad to check it out. I would be happy to have a pool. Breakfast I d
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