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  1. a Phone can be stolen so even if that is a good tip - imho a paper copy (laminated or not) is a cheap Insurance.
  2. Anyone know if these Isaan ppl always use the same spices? Had a few different bags now and then. Always tested bacon. Anyway great with a beer. Much healthier and safer then those "nuts" served in bars.
  3. I think all good tips been provided. But I try for one rule; IF there are more locals then farangs in a tourist area you are pretty much in for a treat. If they did serve bad food they would not have customers. Also the food turnover is high so not much get spoilt or kept. Worst place to eat is huge restaurants with few customers. Serving reheated food will give you problem. And don't be shy. If you see someone having interesting food then either ask what it is or order the same. Darn, envious of having a first real thai dish. I can hardly wait for next week and some hole i
  4. Third that! Love starting of with their food and a large Chang.
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