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    working out, searching for nice food, getting to know more people.
  1. dannysoo

    NBA Playoffs

    wtf man ...they threw 3 games in a row. I do believe NBA is rigged !!
  2. if u do have a sensitive stomach ...avoid eating street food. Try eating in restaurants. I have friends who had the same problem as you. They just have to pay more to eat similar food.
  3. if u know your current exact location , its better to input yourself. The pin is normally 50 meters off your exact location. Thats my experience. But if you are not very sure where you are. Make sure your phone number that attached to your uber account is contactable because sometimes the uber driver needs to call you to confirm your current location.
  4. yes ... I use both grabcar and uber. Especially when you are traveling at late night after drinking sessions or after visiting various night markets, taxis you hire from the streets might not wanna use meter. Uber comes in handy during that time. The only downside is , its kinda hard to locate uber drivers when you are slightly away from town. Most of the drivers hang around sukhumvit areas or the city centre. The drivers I met are friendly and some do speak very good english as well. You certainly can give uber a try.
  5. dannysoo

    NBA Playoffs

    wow disappointing game 3. now 2-1 hope they bounce back from such a horrible performance.
  6. dannysoo

    NBA Playoffs

    wow what a come back from 1-3 to 4-3 ...crazy stuff... hope they perform better against cavs. Stay healthy n shoot the lights out
  7. another extra one for you to look at. Dream Bangkok.
  8. park plaza is good too but might be slightly above your budget.
  9. sorry my bad bro ...its under the name of Red Planet asoke now.
  10. You can use Airbnb if you are not traveling alone, rooms are spacious and comfortable (if you choose the right condo/apartment). You have to be quite familiar with the area because there will be no concierge for you to ask information. No breakfast so if you are a hotel buffet breakfast person then better don't go for Airbnb. Price wise I think its kinda similar with hotels unless you are staying in super cheap backpackers hotel or high standards 4/5 star hotel but no one will be there to make your bed and clean your rooms everyday. safe wise i think its fine for AirBnb because they have keycard and key to enter your condo/apartment. No one will have access to your room.
  11. dannysoo

    NBA Playoffs

    They need to lock Westbrook down knowing that he is the main dribble of the team just how they locked Harden down. KD is hard to mark with his crazy length and his sharp shooting. i am back in my country. Watching it on cable. If i miss the game I'll watch highlights on youtube.
  12. dannysoo

    NBA Playoffs

    lol no worries ...i watched till 3rd quarter. Spurs was down by 20+. Go Warriors ...!! Hopefully all the Warriors stay healthy especially Steph.
  13. i think all of the service provider offers 7 days unlimited mobile internet for 300baht++ or less if i am not mistaken
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