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  1. There might not be problems getting into Thailand but if this gets rapidly out of hand then leaving might become an issue especially if they close all the ports down. Let's be honest, anything is possible.
  2. I will always avoid Air India or British Airways to anywhere.
  3. For inbound journey, traffic will be quite heavy so train/BTS might be a better option if you are not carrying a lot of luggage as trains can be busy too.
  4. Barons for me for last 30 years now. You get what you pay for and never had any problems with their shirts, trousers and suits. Will also monogram them if you want. Sukhumvit road between soi 7 & 5.
  5. I always get Dtac. 4G Coverage is very good and does the job well enough.
  6. Any else think that it's all been a bit dull thus far. Maybe the next round will be more exciting.
  7. Don't know about pubs but Beer Garden Soi 7 will most likely show all matches.
  8. Lower Sukhumvit 3 to 20 is walking distance from most places.
  9. Even the top hotels know what 'Guest Friendly' means ????
  10. Another point to consider is the Breakfast (where it's included). If it's LT then the hotel restaurant might pick a fuss if you have only paid as single occupant.
  11. Doubt it. They need to see your passport and visa stamp.
  12. Generally you get away with it unless the security guy is being a bit of a tit but a few Bath bills will work.
  13. Most guest-friendly hotels will allow it. You need to specify which areas you are looking for.
  14. Years ago, before Suvarnabhumi Airport, there use to be A3 coaches going from Don Muang to Sukhumvit. Don't know if they still do.
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