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  1. There are some nice promos going currently. Dtac has a 7 day 9gb plan for 179 baht at dmk. Other companies will have similar promos as well.
  2. They just took the id when I stayed there.
  3. Dream is pretty solid. The lighting in the rooms is pretty cool, but certainly looks better in pictures than in person. Pool and gym are the same as far as that goes. Service is really good though and the Breakfast Buffet is probably one of the better ones. It's still not great, but has more options than most places.
  4. Companies that offer these types of services in BKK generally overcharge by a lot and are not good value for what you get. There's really no reason why you can't organize something like this yourself there.
  5. DTAC and AIS basically offer identical plans. 299 THB for 7 days unlimited Data is a pretty good deal IMO.
  6. Bike is a good way to explore if you want to be on your own time and are in good enough shape to handle it.
  7. pdr3


    Talcum powder is probably your best bet. Definitely invest in breathable underwear as well.
  8. Looks like good value with amenities not usually available for that price range and it's a new hotel, so you usually can't go wrong with that. Location to me isn't the most ideal though as it's quite a far walk down to the main road and Soi 11 is jam packed.
  9. Location is great, but hard to really consider it good value these days.
  10. I felt pretty safe everywhere, but always use common sense and don't make yourself an unnecessarily bigger target.
  11. S15 Hotel is pretty much the ideal location IMO. If I were picking hotels, I'd pick whatever is closest to Sukhumvit Road. I find myself running back and forth to the hotel a lot during an entire day and even a 5 minute walk down a Soi is actually pretty uncomfortable. It's always hot outside and the soi's are very narrow with cars and motorbikes a few feet from touching you.
  12. Yeah, no idea how someone can mange to find the lower level food court but not Pier 21. I try to go at off peak times, finding a seat is really difficult during normal eating hours.
  13. Paradiso Boutique Suites is pretty good value IMO. The rooms are modern, bedside controls, comfortable bed and shower. Location is great, 1 minute walk out to Sukhumvit.
  14. Ended up staying at Citrus 13 for a few nights and thought I would give a small review of it. They don't ask for Guest ID's, so maybe a good thing or bad thing depending on your perspective. Location is ok, about 5 minute walk from Sukhumvit road. There's a few pool bars and massage places close by. 7/11 and Family Mart are close as well. Soi 13 unfortunately is very prone to flooding, so walking around can be difficult after it has rained a lot. Rooms are small, but not too cramped and there's a good spot on the side to store luggage. I do wish there was more space to walk next to the
  15. I'm liking the location of Kingston Suites, because I am planning on visiting Thermae often. My concern is the bed, which seems to be rock hard from a lot of reviews. I would prefer a softer more comfortable bed.
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