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  1. Tom, I'll be back in town and will be your wingman if you fancy to try that place. I drive by every day coming from work and am curious also. WS2
  2. Used to stay there every other month, basic clean and guest friendly, no frills and close to the action. Looks like a 19 80's interior, and bed wasn't the worst I have slept on in BKK. Food is basic, but plenty to choose from close by. For a short stay should be fine. WS2
  3. I follow your plan, but while it is pretty hard to fuck up a blow job (unless they use too much teeth), it is real easy to fuck up a hair cut, unless they use the electric trimmers and do a boot camp special! In Korea, was pretty common by the shipyards, and they were all set up for it. WS2
  4. I remember seeing this option mentioned in an old post, but assume that place no longer exists. So does anyone know of a one stop shop for This? In Korea, this was a common routine, with a towel over your lap while one girl cut your hair, while the other was under the towel giving junior the attention. Any feedback appreciated, as I will be back in town next weekend. WS2
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