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  1. The captcha service BA uses has shut down. No one is able to join now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Do you only eat American food in America? Good God, give the guy a break. As for the slum, Vietnamese & More – run by an Vietnamese-American by the name of Alex – is not located anywhere near the Khlong Toei slum, which borders on the port. In fact, V&M is right by the huge Tesco-Lotus Extra & BIg C Extra, right off Rama 4 Road. Very middle class Thai neighborhood. If you think V&M is hard to find now, you should have seen its original location, on a non-driveable alley off Soi Phai Singto at the bottom of Soi 16/22.
  3. Each Thursday on the Nana Plaza Twitter & Facebook feeds we run a Throwback Thursday feature with photos and videos showing the old days in Nana Plaza, dating back to the 80s. The Facebook album is updated monthly (the newer photos are still on the Timeline) and there currently are 32 pictures in the album. https://www.facebook.com/143235439176364/photos/?tab=album&album_id=657149764451593 We do not save the videos there, so you'll need to follow us to see them.
  4. I believe the best pharmacy in the area – on Sukhumvit between sois 2 & 4 on the Nana side – is open until midnight. Coming from soi 4, pass McD and proceed about 3-4 shops down. It's the single shophouse-sized pharmacy after the double shophouse store that looks like a pharmacy. Sorry, don't know name.
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