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  1. I called it a chopper, that's the Tenglish word for big bike. Otherwise I never do. In Los, if you say motorbike, it's in general confused with a scooter. They even call them MC-taxi instead of scooter-taxi..... And that's something i never like to ride....
  2. I will be in BKK in 2 weeks. I wonder if there is somewhere near Nana area where i can rent a chopper. I'll be staying in Majestic Grande.... This kind of bikes I like....This is actually the one I always rent in Pattaya....
  3. BKKluver

    Thai visa

    As Indian, you should contact Thai embassy in India or in the country where you live. The visa laws vary from country to an other. I'm allowed by Thai law to enter the country without visa and I have no idea about other people from other countries. I hope you got my point. Non Indian People might not have the correct info
  4. As a holiday (up to 30 days) monger, I prefer to stay in Nana area. Always stay in Majestic Grande or The Landmark. But If I were to stay > 3months, I'd rather stay far from nana, cheaper too......
  5. I like it, specially in BKK. You avoid those lines !!!! You relax in Royal Silk Lounge.....food, good coffe and booze.....
  6. I have no idea about that particular hotel, but i want just to inform about smoking. I'm smoker... It's completely forbidden to smoke in some hotels, which means that they have some designated smoking areas. There are many hotels that advertise that they are non smoking rooms, but you are allowed to smoke in balconies. you can't smoke in the room, but you can use the balcony for smoking. So you have to check out if the room has a balcony. There are hotels that have both smoking and non smoking rooms, you pick....
  7. Dosen't affect me at all !!! I think it will if i need 4 millions bahr or more, then.....as a tourist no
  8. I have been so many times to BKK. I always stay in either The Landmark or Majestic Grande, so I know well soi 4 but i have never known that Stumble Inn is a restaurant. I always think of it as a bar . I must start open my eyes !! Thnx Dave The Rave
  9. i asked for info about where i could buy....... didn't ask for your advice !!! what to buy and what not to buy ....
  10. I wonder where to buy cheap Dr Martin shoes. any info would be very appreciated
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