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  1. They must read this thread, as I have now had a reply. I guess they're fair enough, as I've booked a double room and there's only me in there, No charge but if there was 2 of us in there, and i still wanted to bring a 'friend' the charge would be 1000 per night. If there were 2 of in there, I'd still be game, but I think the Mrs may have a word or two to say. :blink:
  2. One of my friends tell me, On Nut is the new up and coming area to get a trendy apartment.
  3. Tried to email them, have sent the same email a few times, no reply so far. I'm taking that as a no no, and will be expecting a few funny looks when I book in. ;)
  4. Thanks Vandefraich, handy little link that, with plenty of other stories from around Thailand that I enjoyed reading also.
  5. Thanks for the info guys, I think bike and train is the best for me.
  6. Thanks for very handy info, I think bikes are the way to go for me
  7. Again,thanks for the report, after reading that, I can honestly say Udon is definitely not my sort of noodle.
  8. After quite a lot of scouting around I found this comprehensive guide to get there some top info for anyone interested in this place http://www.magictravelblog.com/how-to-get-from-bangkok-to-ayutthaya-easily/
  9. I was on Koh Samet about 5 years ago, lovely ride over on the ferry, and there's several different piers, we got off at the 3rd one I think, no idea what the name of it was. Only to be met by a very butch LB who rents out the scooters he/she was not really farang friendly, but my mate spoke Thai and she warmed to him :) ended up giving us a good deal, but getting them out of the small ferry area was tricky. Great hotel we stayed at, pool was top notch, with a bar you could swim up to, and order drinks and food. Of a night, there's not a great choice, and seems to be Lb heavy if you ask me. Though they were all very pleasant and we had a laugh with a few of them. The beach is great fun, with different shows as you walk along, from jugglers to fire eaters, take plenty of insect repellent though, I got eaten alive, and not the way I wanted. ;)
  10. Thanks Kimao very handy few sentences you've given me. I'm hoping to say "Bai Tiaw" as often as possible. ;)
  11. Thanks Viandefraiche I just had a quick check anyway, I have a British passport so should be able to sneak in for free.
  12. Do we need a visa for Thailand now, I thought we were exempt for the first 30 days.?
  13. Has anyone made the trip by train to Ayutthaya from Bangkok, I'm thinking of trying to do this in a day trip, say leave around 9am from Lamphong station, spending 6 hours or so doing the temples and then the train back. Is this feasible ? is 6 hours enough to go around this magnificent old city, should I hire a bike to get around, or are the tuk tuks better due to the distances involved.
  14. Along with a little of the Thai language, I'm also picking up a few fun facts, did you know that Sawadee was only introduced to the Thai Language in the 1930s prior to that, people would say, Gin kaow leaow ruu yang. Which means, have you eaten yet. I think I prefer the original, it's much more me. ;) Anyway I thought it sounds incredible such a common word would only have been introduced so late in the language, then I was told that "Hello" in the English language has really only been in use since about the same time, (well late 1800s) and was used as the term for answering the phone. Truth is stranger than fiction
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