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  1. The Playboy Hotel short time rooms in Suk 11 have big fuck mirrors on the ceiling
  2. Prai Raya, Sukhumvit Soi 8. But beware, their average food is very spicy. If you ask for very spicy, even most Thai people would likely have a problem eating it.
  3. pattaya's take on songkran just ensures i stay far away
  4. I've used Tailor on Ten a lot. They're very good. They make suits and shirts. The only place that will make better suits is probably Narin Couture, but then the prices for a suit at Narin start at about 50k baht.
  5. I don't have the reference right now, but I recall reading an academic article that stated unequivocally that listerine suppresses the factor in saliva that protects against HIV.
  6. The best gym is in the Landmark. It's a Fitness First platinum gym and Landmark guests have free access. Normal price runs to about 5,000 baht a month for a monthly membership. Not sure of the girl friendly status though. You'll need to enquire about that.
  7. Bumrungrad. They have Gardasil. My ex-girlfriend got it there.
  8. Post count only partially contributes towards advanced status. These replies to really old topics don't count.
  9. It's already reviewed in this way, but that doesn't seem to stop people reviving really old threads for no apparent reason other than to add to the post count, hence my suggestion
  10. Due to the 50 post threshold for advanced member status, we frequently have new members who come onto the board and start replying to every thread they can find, even ones a few years old. Personally, I find this just negatively affects the signal-to-noise ratio, as the info is rarely current. Is there a way of automatically locking threads that have not had any activity for a few months? I'm not sure what the right amount of time would be - maybe 6 months seems about right to me. Not sure if this is possible with the board software, but I for one would appreciate this if it is possible. Other BMs welcome to chime in with their thoughts.
  11. I didn't want to get into a long-winded explanation - what you say is correct, however taking antibiotics unnecessarily contributes to antibiotic resistance for various reasons (see your point #3, which can happen even with a fully completed course; mutation and partial resistance play a role here). Of course it's the pathogen that becomes resistant (I didn't suggest otherwise). One of the current significant causes of pathogen resistance is the widespread use of antibiotic prophylaxis in livestock. Unnecessary antibiotic use should be discouraged - they should only be used in case of an infection, not just to make the worried-well feel better
  12. Yes, but taking antibiotics when you have no real need to take them just causes antibiotic resistance. It's, in my opinion, a bad thing to do.
  13. Hell, I'll do it for a reasonable fee :). Been mongering here for years.... Seriously though, you don't really need a company to do this for you. Just head to Nana Plaza! Everything you need is in one place. You just need someone to ride herd on all the folk in the party to get them to move from bar to bar.
  14. I do the same, although invariably they're outraged by the price. I recently took a girl to one of Bangkok's newly Michelin starred Thai restaurants. She said the food was good, but wanted to know why I was willing to pay this kind of money for Thai food when it can be had much cheaper in other restaurants. Her reaction mirrors that of others. I once had a girl not want to order when she saw the prices on the menu, haha.
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