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  1. Don't. It's not worth it. You need to have a real motorbike license and you need to stay sober and need real medical insurance. Spend the extra $20 and hire a driver to take you everywhere. The driver will take you where you need to be, stay with the car (so you don't need parking) and deal with any issues.
  2. Just use Agoda, TripAdvisor, etc to find a hotel close to the action. You might find that Majestic Suites is a bit too loud at night.... or you might find it absolutely perfect. It depends on the days you are staying. As long as you are a 5-10 minute walk away from NEP, you will be fine.
  3. Yrs, it's just a one-off thing in order to register your card under your ID. Once and done. I just showed a copy of my passport from my phone.
  4. Yes. Airport train from BKK to Phaya Thai is 45baht. Then the BTS from Phaya Thai to Nana is 33baht. So just 78baht. Easy ride, clean and relaxed. I prefer it over the taxi. (Now, if you are looking to spend 3000baht on a ST girl from Billboard, then the savings might not be that meaningful or relevant, but it is an extra 300baht or so in your pocket and it is less stress and concern, so each to their own.) You do then have to walk from Nana to your hotel, so depending how far away your hotel is, it can be quite a walk. But if you are in Majestic Suites (which seems to be reasonably popular on here) it is just a 2 minute walk away.
  5. You can search by area - use the map. Plenty of apartments in the area. Read the reviews carefully.
  6. Jacuzzi and balcony are a must but i don't care if there is not.So, it is a must or not? You don't get these in your price range, so just forget about them. Majestic Suites is not quiet - the back rooms overlook NEP, so quiet during the day but from 6pm until 3am it definitely is not quiet. The front rooms are not that well sound proofed against the traffic. Nana Plaza? Not that nice, honestly. Have you checked out the new Ibis Styles or Novotel in Soi 4? Grand5, across Sukhumvit Rd on the corner of Soi 5 is pretty good too.
  7. If your photo page is damaged, then be worried. If a regular page is damaged, then there should be no issue unless there are pieces missing. Don't try to repair it or add tape.
  8. It's pretty clear it's a residential building. The booking says daily cleaning, but that may vary to your expectation. The studio rooms (they say 1 bedroom, but practically they are studio rooms) are small, but adequate. It's a nice place with good pool and gym. Don't expect room service, concierge, or any other hotel services. The Hyde is found on Airbnb also. Many Chinese use it as they have the money to pay the premium price. A kitchen is nice to have if you are staying for a week or more.
  9. I agree. Head to Chatuchak markets (Mo Chit BTS) first - it's huge and you will find pretty much everything there x10, plus a while lot more stuff you never thought of. It will take you hours to get through it. And MBK is good for anything electronic, plus other stuff that you may have forgotten. Edit to add: If you find yourself in Terminal 21, I did find some unique little jewellery and trinket places/stalls there (level 3 or 4?) where I bought some nice but reasonably priced ear rings, bracelets and the like.
  10. I have stayed there. $60 sounds too cheap though, but maybe it is a smaller studio with bad view. My apartment was maybe on the 20the floor facing Soi 11. It was quiet, with no street noise. The pool only gets the afternoon sun. The gym is great. Pretty m check similar to any of the new high rise apartment complexes.
  11. It will cost about 500baht for two people to do BTS-BUS-BAHTBUS (30, 120, 100 each). The bus option is perfectly fine and relaxing, just a bit more waiting. A regular taxi can be had for 1,300 if you are lucky. Up to you if you want to save the money or not. If you are in a budget, then the bus is a nice way to save 1,000 baht. That saving will get one of you a massage at a place in Chaiyapoon.
  12. To be clear, it is not the BTS that runs from the airport (BKK), it is the Airport Rail Link. You have to change to the BTS at Phaya Thai, at the end of the Airport Rail Link line. If it is your first time to Bangkok, get a taxi. But, if you know where you want to go, the Airport Rail Link, MRT and BTS can get to you close to your hotel for less than 100 Baht.
  13. Koh Samui is a small-ish island and where you stay will depend on budget, if you want to stay at the resort or be going out alot, how many kids you have (and how young) and availability. I found that occasionally I could get a great deal for a nice resort. Where ever I have stayed, I have always spent a reasonable amount of time in the other parts. I have stayed at Bandara Resort and found it great. Anywhere along that stretch of beach was nice - heaps of restaurants to choose from. I would suggest you look on Tripadvisor forums for alot of great general advice and look at their hotel rankings to make sure you get what you are expecting.
  14. Ok, can confirm that it is not actually open now. Has "opening soon" out the front. But the lobby, at least, looks like a few weeks from finishing. (Source: standing out the front if the hotel now)
  15. Yes, it is now the Mercure. I actually walked past there a few hours ago and noticed the Mercure - it has a distinctive front. Checked out Google Streetview and it is from 2011 showing the President Palace. But definitely the Mercure now.
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