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  1. Hah, fuck that. My life goal is to stick my johnson into as many vajayjays as possible. :D
  2. Eh? I read people just buy injectable test at pharmacies, no script needed. It's probably the same with patches, you just have to ask around.
  3. Ah, got it. Although I'm more partial to BJ bar, I wouldn't mind having a non-sexual entertainment from time to time.
  4. Thanks, that's what I want to see, some informative recommendation. I'd rather live in a nice neighborhood but close to the actions. Do you know where are the expats neighborhood in BKK? And what are G-clubs?
  5. Thanks for the info. What other areas of BKK should I check out, or you'd recommend? I know 6 months isn't long enough, but I'm not old enough to get a retirement VISA yet, and a tourist VISA is only 6 months long.
  6. So, I'm planning my GTFO trip next year, I'm considering spending 6 months in Thailand. I love big cities and want to spend a few months in BKK, doing fuck all and fucking all kind of girls. My question is, if you were in my shoes, would you chose to rent a place close to Nana and Soi Cowboy? I see the biggest advantage is that I can bring BG's and freelancers back to my place easily, and that I have entertainment close by. However, I don't think being that close to those 2 locations would be easy for me to meet and bring back regular girls, not to mention that it'll be hard to see the no
  7. Neat, sounds like a steal. Do you still have the contact info for your agent? I'm looking to move to BKK for 6 months next year, god willing.
  8. Anyone has experience with Fitnes First near Nana Plaza? I'll likely visit BKK for a week and want to use the gym in the AM, so looking for something I can pay daily.
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