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  1. if you want the originals, there is the apple shop in Siam if i'm not wrong, otherwise go check at MBK or at Panthip plaza
  2. Smart Suites at the end of Soi 11, small but nice rooms with AC, safe box, wifi, tv and shower about 900\1000 thb
  3. how much per night for the Mercure ?
  4. I'm thinking to book this hotel for my next trip. Anyone been there can say something about it ? thank you
  5. if you arrive in DMK around 10,30 expect to be around Nana not before midnight...
  6. why avoid balconies ? something related to thieves ? just curious....
  7. most of the hotels are smoke free....but there's the balcony ;)
  8. yes det-5 is a nice place but both times i eat there i find the thai food under the average
  9. fully agree with nakhon. The sea is brownish very similar to Pattaya
  10. Also have to say that my flights with Ryanair in Europe have been much more more uncomfortable than AirAsia and Bkk Airways
  11. i've flight with both AirAsia and Bangkok Airways and even if i'm nearly 5'90" x 82kg i didnt find the seat VERY uncomfortable....anyway in my personal opinion even if was very uncomfortable this do not justify to spend 9000 baht more for just 1 hour and so of flight. For sure if it was a longest flight this would have been a problem.
  12. The Nana area is quiet in the middle between the 2 Bkk airports.... minutes more or less you will always need about 30 mins. But in my opinion better to move little bit earlier because of the traffic...
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