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  1. Haven't been to this particular red planet but if it's anything like the others, rooms will be tiny
  2. Took a minibus recently from Don Mueang to Pattaya, 2200 for 8 ppl
  3. Any current tips on a good pharmacy for apcalis around soi23 / SOI cowboy?
  4. Exactly why the train is my preferred option during the day.
  5. If after midnight then you best option is a taxi. Should cost you around the 350-400 baht range. Other than that the best option I find earlier in the day night is the train and bts
  6. You will not have an issue with Icon and it's definitely guest friendly. Actually, so was one of the receptionists last October too, but that's a different story.
  7. Rajah hotel shortcut was open last October. Safe, easy and much quicker
  8. Cheers joeyb I got a get rate and it's looks great in the photos. Not expecting brand new or super posh but clean comfortable and a great location. Thanks for the info
  9. Anyone stayed here at all? Looks great in the photos and has plenty of good Agoda etc reviews. Decided to stay in a different area this trip as I always stay around Nan normally.
  10. Stayed here a bit over a year ago and it's a great little hotel. Rooms are clean and comfy. Every works and the staff are nice. Also can confirm Nana Plaza girls will happily walk the distance
  11. Wouldn't mind knowing this myself
  12. Not at all. You should be through immigration fairly quickly in my experience.
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