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  1. Best location to stay ? Hotel names with great location? Thanks
  2. Try bar 4 ,,or ask owner via email seems to be on top of his game with costomer service , if not have ,probably will try and get it for u ;;;
  3. Also when we say newer rooms anybody know how long ago they were updated?
  4. how u liking hotel so far , hope your having a blast , I’m 15 days until land !,
  5. Next time 30 day visa and they charge u only one day overstay when leaving,,, ? I think that’s what they told me last year ,,,!
  6. so u never no problem bring 2 back ? If staying in front rooms and no problems with 18 -19 yr olds ,,, thanks for review,,,
  7. excellent will be nice to have boots on ground review,, thanks ,it’s on my list to try also this upcoming trip
  8. I’m hoping not ! But definitely their sister property dynasty Grande Hotel started that shit is what I read ;;
  9. awsome dose help ,because later in my trip I come back and stay in that area , but first leg Of trip ( New Years) I stay in soi 4 area ; booked dynasty inn ; now just wondering if it was a mistake,I still have time to cancel if soo ;; thanks ,, south fla here also ! Hope your taking advantage of The Emirates flights out of Fort Lauderdale to Dubai and then bkk ;; one stop ;; it’s awsome !!
  10. Hi was wondering if anybody stayed in the “ newer rooms”and if any recently stayed their , love the location , one thing I can’t deal with is roaches ,any body ever have a roach problem their ? Last yr I gave nana hotel a chance and every ;every ,room has roaches, even new rooms ;; what a shame could be good place;;; any negative or positive information would be appreciated:::: I usually Marriott - landmark,but not expecting that kind of service!! Last couple yrs trying new places since I fly bis class now ?lol
  11. Anybody any info on new Novotel on Conner soi 6 - soi 4 ;; ? Wondering if they let in 2 at a time .?plus if good place to stay
  12. cool thanks , any info on some that are not a problem? Where’s your new spot ?
  13. Vasu is always best in my experience,, but remember to bring copy of your passport, it’s need every time u exchange
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