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  1. I've stayed at iCheck a few times & Aspira once or twice (always the cheapest room available). I once got a room at Aspira that was pretty terrible. It was like a cave (no windows, not enough lighting). Looked nothing like the pictures. iCheck rooms have always been decent. iCheck's wifi is HORRIBLE. They are using a single PW for all users and never change it. You will have to walk past a 1-2 massage places with semi-aggressive ladyboys to get to iCheck but not Aspira (it is at the beginning of the soi).
  2. Hotels don't usually have free weights and squat/bench/power racks. It is usually treadmills and smith machines. Maybe they are worried about liability.
  3. Pier 21 items are approximately 35 baht each. These 3 items was 94 baht total:
  4. I did not see any pole dancing girls along Bangla when I was there in November. I heard it was because of the mourning period. I don't think they are back yet.
  5. The O face he makes whenever he takes a bite of anything is so over the top...
  6. I stayed at Majestic Suites when I was in Bangkok. It was convenient to be close to Nana Plaza but I wouldn't stay there again. The WiFi was bad for me (4th floor) and there was an insect problem.
  7. I was eating a lot at Pier 21 in Terminal 21. Papaya Salad, Pad Thai, and a Mango Smoothie for 94 baht.
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