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  1. Tolerant? I'm not entirely sure. But certainly relaxed and non-confrontational. So yes, it's very nice to live among them.
  2. Precisely so as not to stigmatize a particular country, in this case China. So Covid-19 means Corona Virus Disease 2019. We live in the era of political correctness, it should not be forgotten... . It was not the same thing at the time of the Spanish flu. 😉
  3. Like a lover you see everyday, all the excitement, initial spark and zazazoo that used to come with living here may not cause you to do the double-takes any more. Wanna know how much you’ve assimilated yourself into Bangkok’s quirkier sides? Let’s see how many of the following situations describe you. 1. You don’t see anything wrong with a motorcyclist having his dog sat behind him. It’s totally safe for the pooch. 2. It makes sense for a Thai woman to ride a motorcycle with two legs on one side, even when she’s wearing pants. She’s just being modest. 3. It’s totally OK when someone calls a dog ‘nong mah’ or a cat ‘nong maew’. Thais like to address everyone as a fellow relative anyway. View the full article
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