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  1. What would be the most economical route to doing this since I am stuck with the situation of staying more days than the original 30 days I am given.
  2. that's great news for us then, i'm coming around december and spending a month there and am really a cheap bastard so i'm hoping i get the best amount when converting usd to thb.
  3. This is something I would love to know as well. Because I'm staying over my 30 free days in thailand.
  4. Does anyone know what the cheapest way is to get a 30 days or more visa when going to thailand?
  5. This is actually fairly relevant to my interests. I've always wanted to get a tattoo done in every place I visit. Would love to see more people chime in on this XD
  6. Do any of you guys think the THB to USD conversion will keep going up in the following months with the king's death?
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