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  1. I'm looking for a good place to watch the Superbowl tomorrow morning near sukhumvit. Any suggestions?
  2. I am here now. Glad it's only for the night before leaving for Pattaya. I travel a lot and this is the smallest room i've ever been in. Its clean and so far quiet but tiny. Location is good 1min walk to Suk, 5 min or so to Nana Nowhere to put my suitcase except the bed. Bathroom is OK, Bed is a bit hard but not bad. Hope this helps
  3. I have loads of Hyatt points so this place is free for me to use.
  4. Hyatt place on Soi 24 is right down the street from the BTS station and about a 3-4 min walk to all the soi 24/1 Massage joints. Mango, Cherry Addicts etc and a 5 min walk to Snow White. I did bring back a couple of girls but the place is more of a family oriented place.
  5. I've stayed there twice in the last 2 years and was always happy with my choice.
  6. I have a load of Hyatt points and could stay here for quite a while but is it girl friendly? Looks like it is only a minute or 2 from the BTS. Any info would help before I book my Hotels for February trip Thanks in advance for any info
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