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  1. A kind of all you can drink for a flat fee? I don’t think so, but honestly, I don’t know for certain.
  2. I love the buffets (breakfast, lunch and dinner) at the JW Marriott, near Nana Plaza. A little pricey. Usually have a good selection of Thai, Chinese, Middle Eastern and Western fare.
  3. I can’t compare like with like, as I’ve only flown Asiana in business, and EVA in premium economy. I imagine economy in Asiana must be good, as business class is really good. I hope that helps.
  4. I would totally agree. I’ve only ever flown PRC airlines in business class, which is a pretty rough experience...just like US airlines; my only time in EVA was transatlantic in premium economy. This one experience was really good. More like what you’d expect of Singapore Airlines, Asiana, ANA etc.
  5. Unfortunately, here in the USA we apparently don’t share your freedoms. They, immigration and customs, can ask you anything and everything. They have also empowered the airlines to ask questions pre check in, which occurs every time I fly from the UK). When I’ve refused to answer these questions (why should I tell my occupation to an airline clerk) the sticker they put on the back of my passport has flagged me for the third degree later on. But it’s worth it. Interesting that Global Entry and other services that are supposed to give you automated inspection still don’t protect you from intrusiveness at certain locations.
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