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  1. Thanks to all for the great advice - a lot of great reading on the forum. Still planning first visit to BKK and from all I have read it seems that the hotel location is central to ease of mobility. Whether it is bringing a girl back to room (no interest in on site ST rooms), shopping, BTS, freelancers in vicinity and of course Nana Plaza for me, location is important. Given that I'd like a medium priced hotel, what choices would you recommend to a first time visitor? Many thanks!
  2. Hello all! Been doing a lot of reading and appreciate all the advice. Initial planning of my first trip to BKK and looking for hotel advice. It seems that location of hotel is really important for ease of getting back after picking up versus ST rooms that don't get great reviews. Thinking medium price and thinking near Nana BTS a good idea. Open to suggestions - if it was your first time, where would you stay?
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