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  1. yes, carlton is guest friendly, and i can recommend the place highly (at least for the rates they currently ask for). they officially ask you that a joiner deposits her ID at the front desk, but i always just walked by with them. but that's up to you and with some girls, it might be a good idea to have them deposit the ID.
  2. i stayed here last year and won't return. i honestly cannot remember too many specifics about the hotel, but i remember that in general, i was somewhat disappointed. breakfast was quite lackluster, check-out took a long time and the room had some small annoyances. it was also a little further down the soi than i expected and there weren't cabs / mototaxis available. combined with the heat (and having to wear business attire) that was somewhat annoying. imho you should be able to find a better hotel in this price range. as i said, i really can't give you a very specific feedback, sorry, besides not being able to recommend it in general.
  3. on my last trip i was in a similar (or maybe the same) place. same setup, girls sitting on stage, no real party. i also don't have many memories, probably the only way to end up there. :) unfortunately i don't know exactly where it was. taxi driver took me there. according to my google maps history, it was somewhere close to here: https://goo.gl/maps/wzFUKmDQwBo , maybe that helps.
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