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  1. Haha - well since its bumped at this point. I did do the bangkok midnight food tour. The experience was pretty good, small group tried out a LOT of food. Saw a lot and it was quite fun. The only gripe was that it was 1900B per person....reasonable for a food tour in the west. But quite expensive for one in thailand.....but price aside i did enjoy the experience.
  2. Thanks for the update, i never realized the significance of it. I thought maybe it was like flying domestically in the states where if you forget a government ID you can still get past with a few secondary forms of ID and itll just take like a few mins longer to verify who you are. I knew not to lose it but didnt realize they make a big deal. I'll keep that in mind on my next visit. Thanks for the info.
  3. What is stopping you from buying foreign investment options? About 10% of my investments go into something that is foreign. That is always an open door that you can go down. Most of this stuff can be managed online anyways.
  4. The slip of paper that they stamp and you keep with you until you depart....what happens if you lose it? Ive always wondered about that since the paper is quite easy to lose (not stapled on your passport or anything)
  5. I have had a few friends get a small (3inchx3inch or smaller) tattoo done in bangkok, for the most part just use general common sense and visual observations to find a good place. If the tattoo shop displays a lot of past work, people are getting work done in public and it seems hygenic there shouldnt be a problem.
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