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  1. oil commodities trading are an altogether different affair and a promising success story. An investor is required to open an account with a prominent trading platform if he/she wishes to buy/sell in demat form in the prominent exchanges. At present, the following groups of investors are permitted to open an account. They are, • Individuals • Non-Resident Nationals • Foreign nationals • Corporates • Clearing members (CM) • Foreign Institutional Investors (FIIs) • Foreign Institutions (FIs) • Mutual Funds (MFs) Recently, the regulatory authorities have also permitted foreign corporations and individuals to invest in the oil commodities market, albeit with some restrictions. It has, however, yet to issue the guidelines for opening depository accounts for this group of investors. Oil commodity trade is promising due to the continuing demand for the product and the decline in production. Other than an unpredictable event like the global recession that rocked the major economies of the world, perhaps no other major event has ever affected the oil commodities trade. While the global recession led to declining demand for crude oil and the subsequent fall in prices, this trend is not likely to continue for a long period. When the American economy, the largest consumer of oil started coming out of the recession, oil prices started moving up albeit at a slower pace.
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