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  1. Langsuan's probably the best compromise if you don't mind burning money. Nice places, good restaurants, easy access to night life without soaking in it, and quite close to Wireless (where the Embassy/Consulate are).
  2. I asked an immigration officer, and she specifically said it is "up to the immigration officer." So appear desirable. I need a 3rd in a row but a) I'll be flying from the US, and b) i'll have a letter from my lawyer saying I can pick up my WP3 (a form for getting a Non-B visa). Why don't i just get my visa in the US? I've got two weeks there. I live here. I would rather be visiting family than queuing up for a visa.
  3. I get annoyed with forums that lock old threads. Quite often, if the content's not quite relevant, but can be updated. For example, I think having to start a new thread every few months about which bars in Nana are ladyboy bars would only result in muddled, confusing searches. The noob trait that annoys me is the one or two word comments. "grreaaaaaaaaaaaaat" "niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice." Contributes nothing, unless sounding like the Jazz guy on Fast Show is a thing.
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