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  1. update anyone? Is Uber alive and well or dead in BKK???
  2. Indexed funds are good business. Just contact Vanguard (one of several but probably the best ATM and IMHO) they trade world wide They have a lot of options on a lot of markets Another tip is go through Interactive Brokers, They do the brokerage cheaper than 99% of them and its just easy I wish I knew of them 20+ years ago
  3. Headaches are a problem for me too I found Kamagra the best of all though Cheap and does the job without a problem I am guessing everyone reacts differently Haven't tried the gel, How long is it good for? Generic Viagra here in Aussie is a no no for me Cialis goes well I treat them purely as recreational. Don't use them at home Different strokes for different folks
  4. So far some years have been cheaper than others But really End of the day, $500 or $1000 difference over 3 or 4 weeks isn't a thing to worry about if it is then stay home, You will be miserable no matter what Im no big spender but I am not a cheap charlie either I laugh and pay the best negotiated price without offending anyone Always haggle but remember to always laugh and then give a tip on top Life is good :)
  5. the same the world over NYC is probably the worst of all Ive booked and paid in advance and got there to find someone had simply offered more and I was out LA I had a booking that was nothing like advertised Australia I must say I have done well. Never a hiccup I'm told Europe is pretty good too Thailand...hmmmm...so many cheap options I haven't even considered it Like all things in Thailand...take the cautious path and life will be a lot easier
  6. Thanks guys, appreciated so whats the best/closest mongering venue? and anyone recommend a better hotel around the same money?
  7. got a room booked for a few nights at Dawin Hotel. Looks good and got plenty of good reviews. Advantages? Disadvantages? Thanks in advance
  8. Agoda is the go. Very easy and I've never had any trouble changing things. Best prices and can book way ahead knowing if things go bad you can cancel right up to basically a couple of days or the day before. Hate changing hotels if I don't have to. Waste good mongering time!!!
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