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  1. Regarding the hotel insisting on board rates, in this case THB1900. It's a common practice by hotel having online agents marketing their rooms. If they offer cheaper rates than onlines agents and these online agents finds out, do you think these agents will put in effort to market this hotel.
  2. Looks fun place. But guess no takeaways. just some cock teasers.
  3. Oh sorry. I should have said Sukhumvit area being the center of mongering, most hotels would be guest friendly. As for Hotels in sarthorn not being in mongering region, I am totally unaware of whether they are guest friendly. Thats why I say its a big question mark. (big question mark for me only)
  4. These 2 hotels are at Sathorn. Its place where all the big office building are located. Though by km wise is not very far from Sukhumvit, but travel to and from Sathorn & Sukhumvit may take some time due to the traffic. Since they are at Sathorn, guest friendlyness is a big question mark.
  5. Hotel price varies depending how you make reservation. Basically, lowest is from online reservation (not hotel own website), follow by agents, follow by direct booking to hotel. Hotel seldom charge lower than agents and website so that agents and website will be motivate to sell their room more.
  6. Yes you can. Go to the AIS counter at the airport, tell them you want to buy a prepaid SIM card that can activate prepaid Blackberry service.
  7. Yes, go with the flow day by day. If you have plans for the day and the places are all accessible by BTS. Count your trip cost. Sometimes its cheaper to buy a day pass which cost THB130 for unlimited rides for the day. Minimum fare is THB15. And you get the convenience of not needing to que for change and buy tickets for every trip. On certain days, I do expect to spend over THB130 on BTS. Under this circumstances, I will buy a day pass. Even if i expect to travel slightly less han THB130, say THB100, I will stil buy a day pass to enjoying the convenience of not queing up to buy tickets for every trip.
  8. Go for Woraburi, there are many conflicting feedback about whether Swiss Park is guest friendly. Some say they have no problem bring lady back, some say they were ask to pay.
  9. Your flight is close to midnight. So you have to be at the airport by 10pm. Which means a safe time for starting from hotel to airport is around 9pm. You can check with your hotel. Some allows late check out with extra charges less than 1 full day stay. While some may give it for free as it is low season. If you have not book your hotel yet, you can negotiate for late check out before you confirm your reservation. I feel if they can allow you till 6pm, its good enough. You can check out at 6pm, leave your luggage at the hotel. Then either go have nice dinner with your Tirak (if you have), or go for a massage. Come back hotel before 9pm and get a taxi to airport. If all fails you just have to pay 1 full day. For me, my flight home is usually 8pm. I got a late check out at 4pm, sometimes free sometimes with a small charge.
  10. I have not stay in any of the Amari group hotels. But from what I gathered, they are not guest friendly. Anyway, what are the room rates you are getting? Looking at their normal room rates you can easily get many 4-5 star hotels along Sukhumvit road which are guest friendly.
  11. No lift and 3rd floor is quieter. Already BG are too lazy to walk to hotel, if no lift means may have to carry her up. Hahahaha
  12. Wow Andy2463, That's a lot of review and info for all mongers. On behalf of everyone, a big THANK YOU! Seems you like to iron your own clothes during your stays.
  13. Its not easy to find a hotel THB1000/- and below. However there are some available. It all depends on what kind of standard you looking at. I have yet to find any hotel having similar standard as Ibis Sathorn offering THB1000/-. That kind of standard usually comes THB1250/- and above.
  14. I checked the hotel rates in Agoda. There are only some hotel offering lower rates. Most of them are just marginal discounts with some selected one offering slightly better discoounts. It would not make much difference if your stay is short.
  15. I read many review of this hotel in various websites. Generally the reviews were good. But there are some complains about noise because it is located at the heart of many part places. Maybe those who have stayed in this hotel can share your experience regarding noise level.
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