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  1. I have heard that Sweet Mango on Soi 24 is good. I am planning to visit the place next month,
  2. I booked there for my November stay. I have always stayed at the Majestic Suites near Nana. Hope fully this is a better choice. Also I like the street food near Soi 22.
  3. Thought I would just post to warn everyone.. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/security/portal/mmpc/shared/ransomware.aspx
  4. Thanks and that is not bad. Less than $1.50 to keep the woody stand for a longer time!!!!..I still have few generic Cialis from Phillipines, I bought from last year.. I can compare both and buy more if needed from Thailand.
  5. Great advise guys... Very much appreciate. This is very helpful for newbies arriving in BKK... Thanks you..
  6. I have bought Cialis from online pharmacies in the US, but were above $200.00 for 16 tabs. But I am getting scammed by this stupid assholes everyday trying to cell Viagra and Cialis. I have probably blocked more than 200 phone numbers, but still they come up with new numbers and I keep blocking. That said, I have bought Kamagara tab and Jelly from Philippines. Also Tadalafil(Cilais). I believe I paid about 2000 pesos for 20 tabs. They all seem to work OK and I can feel the difference. I intend to buy some from Sukhumvit this month when I visit there. Does anyone know the generic version of Cia
  7. Sorry, I am a bit lost here. What is Grabtaxi? Is it the same metered taxies that have the green and yellow color? I am going to Manila after BKK. But I am very familiar with Philippine.. So I get picked up by the hotel car.
  8. Thanks for the detailed routing to the taxi stand. I guess the mistake I made before was trying to negotiate the fare with agents inside the arrival area. Could you please explain a bit more on the machine? For example, I have luggage and my destination is Nana Plaza. So what should I be using? Thanks in advance.
  9. Thanks for the posting. This time, I am going to buy some clothes tailored. Do they have polo shirts, tailored?
  10. I have always stayed at Majestic Suites except one time. Way back in 2008, my buddy convinced me to stay for couple of days on phetchaburi road, can't remember the hotel name which was amistake. We had to smuggle a girl in, as the security was very strict. I like the Nana area due to action and thai food availability
  11. I was always intrigued by the suite sale by the tailors. I will be staying at Majestic Suites. May be I should try their suites. Has anyone bought suites from these tailors? If so how is the quality and worthiness compared to Men's warehouse?
  12. Yes Herbal Ball massage. I always fall asleep. It is a bit pricey. I believe it was about 1100 Baht last time, I tried.
  13. I use Lavana and King and I for straight massages. Last time, I was at Lavana, there was wait of 24 Hours for Ball massage, which I like as it is very relaxing. I normally use King and I for foot massage. lavanabangkok.com kingandi.co.th
  14. I have not asked for metered taxi from arrival. The prices quoted to me were usually agents standing at the arrival area. The first time if I remember correctly, I paid around 700 Baht. So since then, I have walked up and got one of the taxies that were dropping off passengers. Well, Thanks for the advise. I will try the metered taxi. Also I will check the Uber fare on my app. I have never used Uber outside the US. Does it work the same way everywhere in the world?
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