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  1. your age has very little to do with it. It is all about your mindset, your behaviour, your respect. There are some 10 out of 10 but like all cities the average is not 10 out of 10. every time I go there I always end up with a new girl friend or two or three. and a few old ones are always good to start the trip off with. lol. Its about your attitude and how you make them feel and you don't have to spend 1000s on them. Treat them like shit and you you will get it back 100 fold. yes 100 fold. not the standard 10 but 100 fold. I'm well past the 35 age bracket, and yes I can still pick up 20yo at the mall. lol. Just dont be a prick. Be firm, be kind, and make sure they understand what you are after and be respectful. I remember a guy in his 40s giving this 8/10 total shit. a real honey. after he had done his crap I just smiled at her, she was in tears and with 10 minutes she was sitting having a drink with me, and within 2 hours we where doing the horizontal dance .... lol ... I kept seeing her for weeks afterwards and she would bring friends along to join us. Cook for me, drive me places, look after me like a king. I never had to bar fine one work girl that trip. I did buy her things when we went out, but really not of much value. NO GOLD. When this covid thing finally goes away and we can return to a normal life, not sure when or what this will be, she will be there waiting for me. again it is all you. Your attitude!! Cost of living there depends on many things but mainly on you. I only go for a month or two each time, but I do think next time will be 3 or 4 months. Always a nice hotel. I just talk to the hotels and get a long term room. excellent way to go and always low season.
  2. Udon Thani is no Pattaya .... and we are thankful for that. It is a place you either love or hate it. It is very relax, easy to pick up normal non-bar girls. Hotels/rooms are reasonably priced, people are so friendly. As I say, some love, some hate it. Go with an open mind and don't expect Pattaya or Bangkok.
  3. Hi all, Looking for some advice ... I am heading down to the beautiful island of Koh Chang. It has been maybe 10 years since I was last there. I am planing to stay in the "White Sands Beach" area. Question ... What are the long/short time prices for the ladies now? Question .... Any suggestion of hotels in the $30-$40 USD range? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi and firstly thanks in advance for the advise that you are about to give me. So here is the situation, I have to go to Khon Kaen for a few days and I have done some research but I am lost. I don't know the place so this is where your advice comes in. Where are the entertainment areas? Am I right to think they are around the Pullman Hotel area? I want to stay within walking distance of them. Please any help would be appreciated Cheers
  5. Thanks for the info ... I put some feed back as to how I find it.
  6. Hi All, Has anyone stayed at either of these? Are they girl friendly? maybe two girl friend? And recommendations? http://www.bangkok.com/citylodge-19/rooms.htm http://www.asiawebdirect.com/thailand/bangkok/sukhumvit/city-lodge-sukhumvit-soi-9/
  7. Thanks for all the pointers. Much appreciated
  8. I have no idea as to where to stay. It has been about 15 years since I was last in Bangkok. Anyway, come October I plan on being there for one week and then heading north for a week and then off to Philippines for two more weeks. While in Bangkok I am looking got a G/F hotel, not too small, that wont have a problem if I bring one or two or three ladies back with me. When people say "Guest friendly", is that just one guest or two at a time? Silly question I know, but I just dont want to make to much of a cock of myself .... lol Suggestion on hotel would be good, and answer on the number of guests would be appreciated.
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