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  1. Hmmmmm.....now you have me interested! You are not that guy I met from the CIA last time are you?
  2. Can you tell us what city? If you need protection here just put a ladyboy in your bed and give her some yaba, you will never need to worry, they are crazy fuckers on that shit!
  3. Oooh JS89, it's easy to see that you have shifted from tourist to expat and its sad to say you are 110% correct in every way. It is a very accurate post on the "Real Thailand"
  4. Yes, I would agree with the other two posters, Fortune Town is the way to go and easy to get to by MRT. The centre is located just far enough away from the city to avoid the tourists and the possible tourist pricing traps and is a popular with working Expats. The centre is also connected to a Office tower where alot of business's are located which use the services of the IT stores. I would go with Billy recommendation, being a past customer and the fact he honest and speaks good English is a winner!
  5. Yes steak is expensive here as everything of quality is imported. Thailand does have a beef market but if have ever eaten Thai beef you would choose to eat your shoe instead. Typically Thai's do not age their beef...From farm to market to shop!
  6. Try here, it is the restaurants owned by the Chok Chai Group that produce diary and beef cows. I have not been to the one in Sukhumvit but I have been to the one in Rangsit and the food was ok. The pricing was just above Sizzler but lower than some of the other places. Check out the website for the address and priced menu www.farmchokchai.com/en/index_content.php?content_id=65#t03
  7. Plenty of legit massage parlours in your area where you are staying, Just head up any of the Soi's on either side of Sukhumvit and you will find them. Its pretty clear which are the ones that are legit or semi legit, the girls/ladies out the front are normally wearing polo shirts or more traditional dress and say "Massage Sir" and normally have massage chairs at the front of the shop as opposed to the girls that smile with the come fuck me look. I have found that around 60% are prepared to offer a HJ and its usually the older ladies.
  8. I live out in Pathumthani and while it has some advantages its not the greatest location to live. I do have a car but never drive to Sukhumvit in the evening. Parking is a problem and you can't enjoy a drink. So I need to get a one hour taxi trip and it costs 350baht for the taxi and 150baht for tollway making it 1,000baht before I start the night. I don't think I would like to live right near Nana or Cowboy, but I have friends who live near BTS On Nut and other at MRT Huai Khwang which would be great location. At least I could come in on the BTS/MRT and go home the same way (Before Midnight) would be really handy.
  9. Before moving here I always stayed at the Majestic, it was my go to hotel especially so close to Nana. I did stay one time at the Dynasty as the Majestic was full. The price was a little more per night and to be honest the facilities and service were pretty much the same. I don't think you could go wrong whatever hotel you choose. The senior concierge at the Majestic use to be able to get Uni girls or as they are called here Dek sideline girls. They were always outstanding, stunning, early 20's and so much different to the normal bar girls. They were however came at a premium of 4,000baht for short time.
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