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  1. The Thais mostly will do whatever it takes to make an easy baht. Just proposition any barber shop. I can't see the attraction. Your concentrating on the BJ while trying to keep your head still??? Kind of like getting blown while playing billiards.
  2. Its been a while but they have a decent food court and stuff is cheap. Lots of knock offs, you have to know what your looking for. They will barter. Software has been known to not work if you get it back home. I thought prices for laptops are best in the USA or online. Prolly not worth yur sweat.
  3. J.W. Marriott Suk. was good because I liked it.
  4. OP good luck with that. Please tell your doctor you want an immune system test and approval to have sex in Thailand.
  5. Neither. The Landmark is comfortable and close to the action.
  6. I have used United's lounge passes. Good for passing time and snacking with good wifi, but wouldn't pay for them. You get a couple free after signing up for their credit card and spending about 3k in the first few months.
  7. Hey Mark, Thanks for the tip. I like to do public transport but couldn't figure out how from Hua Lamphong and the MRT so hoofed it. lol
  8. I did the same for the Dynasty Inn on Soi 4 and they got back to me within 24hrs.
  9. Pizza looks great but on the fence about sharing with the girls. Over the years they are getting fatter and wider. Burgers, french fries, hot dogs! Gone are the days where the big meal for them was a papaya salad and chicken stick.
  10. I'm going to take some flack for mentioning the Grace hotel, so bring it! I like the pool for laps. Hardly anyone uses it. They have uzbeki girls and middle eastern hookers to look at and occasionally a ruby in the bunch. You have to not mind middle eastern people because that is their clientele base. Has a bowling alley with score keepers! Close to many good middle eastern restaurants and money changers. They may have a girl fee which blows goats. Lol, I stick out like a sore thumb but don't give flying truck!
  11. Thanks for that! It was business as usual early last year. I still have my hole in the wall not so secret spot that has no elevator to the 5th floor but is comfortable and cheap.
  12. Years ago, the Thai's used to wear 24k jewelry abundantly because it was said the trust in banks was low. I heard that the trust has increased but also the snatch and run. Like most big cities around the world, take your precautions and don't be an attention seeker or suffer the possible consequences.
  13. I used to stay at the Raja Mansion. They offer discounts for 2 week stays and more for monthly. Monthy is electric charge according to usage. You can use the pool at the Raja Hotel but its not that sunny or well kept. The location is a short stroll from the Nana plaza. I like the laundry machines are across the main street and down the alley.
  14. I still like the Nana hotel. Yes, I know its dated, but the pool and sundeck get good use by me when I stay. The buffet breakfast is good for hangovers and the food is fresh. Problem is if I'm too hungover then also too sleepy to eat that early. The freelancer proximity is second to none as its directly across from the entrance to Nana plaza. The place can be sold out often and a reservation is highly recommended.
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