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  1. After a few trips, I would say that my experience with Grab taxis in Thailand has been positive so far No risk of miscommunication on the destination nor worry about hidden charges Plus using a new sim card with every trip, I was about to register new Grab accounts. The rebates given to new accounts for Grab rides pay off a significant portion of the cost of the sim card
  2. More closures in Bangkok https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1883570/bangkok-malls-to-close-from-sunday Pol Gen Aswin said his order was the result of consultations with the BMA committee on communicable disease control, and based on Section 35 of the Communicable Disease Act. The venues to be closed include: restaurants (except takeout and restaurants serving food for hotel guests) shopping malls (except supermarket zones, drugstores or zones selling necessary items and food shops (takeout is permitted) markets and weekend markets (except sales of fresh and dried food and cooked meals for takeout, animal feed, drugstores and other necessary items) beauty salons, tattoo service shops skate and rollerblade venues or other similar services amusement parks, bowling lanes, gaming and internet shops golf courses or golf driving ranges swimming pools or similar service venues fighting cock venues Buddha amulet sales stalls exhibition and convention centres educational institutions at all levels including tuition schools weight-control services and cosmetic clinics health spas, animal spas, massage parlours, herbal treatment centres, cinemas, theatres entertainment places, boxing stadiums and boxing schools, sports stadiums and horse race tracks.
  3. I doubt Thailand would clamp down on people leaving the way China did to Wuhan Main thing to look out for would be whether your home country requires you to self-quarantine upon return
  4. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1876449/thailand-cancels-visa-on-arrival-for-18-countries-visa-exemptions-for-3 VIsa on arrival would be canceled for 18 countries Visa exemption would be cancelled for South korea, Italy and Hong Kong
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