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  1. It seems to be cancelled. https://skyscraperpage.com/cities/?buildingID=104213
  2. Nice hotel but a long commute (About an hour with BTS) to Nana.
  3. Why is it called “Sky”? The building only seems to have 5 floors?
  4. Have a look at Dynasty Grand. It’s located on Suk Soi 6 close to Nana. They have balcony rooms at 1600 baht/night.
  5. Still some street food around, but no curb bars. Many of the bars and restaurants from the first post in gone. Cheap Charlies for sure but also all the other places in that sub soi are also shut down.
  6. Stayed there many times, probably my favorite hotel (considering the price). Great location. Guest friendly. Lovely little roof top pool with a nice view. Clean and nice rooms, good size. Many international channels. I got usually some vouchers for drinks and even a daycard for the BTS. All this for 50-60 US-dollar. Think it´s hard to beat.
  7. Just ask the questions right here, I'm sure there are more of us the likes to hear the answers.
  8. Thanks for the TV-update hkaus! The TV is important for me when in bed with a hangover and trying to figuring out what a did last night.
  9. Thanks, that sounds real good! I´ve been looking at Radisson for a while as it ticks all my boxes: Good location close to Cowboy and Asok. Good value 90-100$. Big pool. Will try it next time!
  10. Thanks for the review. Some questions: - How is the pool and is there sun in the afternoon (common problem in many Bangkok hotel pools)? - International/english speaking channels on the tv? - Guest friendly?
  11. Thanks for the review! How is the tv, many international channels?
  12. Or you can take the train straight to the airport.
  13. Bangkok is probably the most safe city that I've been to. EXCEPT one thing. The traffic in Thailand and Bangkok is one of the worst in the world. You won't ribbed but you might get killed by a car, that's Bangkok.
  14. Stay a night, rent a bike and go to Erewan falls and/or Hellfire pass. A very nice way spend a day.
  15. Take the train and stay overnight in Kanchanaburi. https://www.seat61.com/Bridge-on-the-River-Kwai.htm
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