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  1. On Soi 8 left hand side about 300m from Suk is Kinaree. Very traditional Thai and fantastic serviceThey will love it. Or.... down in maybe soi 30 something...Vientiane kitchen. Great food with a traditional show and you can participate in the stick dance.
  2. Never stayed there but will have a look next time. I’ve walked girls past there to Boss Suites further down Soi 4 many times with no trouble.
  3. If you are in the Nana area, you go up Soi 3 in the Arab zone. 2 subs sois up on the right is a place that is open all days and very late. Best rates, I don’t bother any where else.
  4. Yep, buy the pass, don’t have to think or queue
  5. I’ve stayed in the royal express in the first subsoi on Soi 8 for similar timing. Booked on line. No elevator. Did the job.
  6. I’ve been in both types of room. It’s nice, but wouldn’t pay for it. Maybe if I had the wife with me. The girls won’t care, they get to raid the same shampoos and moisturiser in either type.
  7. Many years ago I regularly used ANS tailor in All Seasons place ..basement of ........ just off wireless road near theConrad . very good, they served the expats in the big buisenesses based there so really couldn’t stuff up. They were great. Price ok but quality perfect. They are still there.
  8. Dicks do heal pretty quick so good luck and hope it’s not something that starts festering. While the girls don’t do a medical exam on you like an American hooker, they might not be thrilled to meet mister bleedy.
  9. The Amari boulevard up Soi 5 is quite nice. I think it’s just the boulevard now. Was cheaper than landmark a while ago.
  10. As above, if you know your way around 5 hours is doable. A good many bars in Soi 4 will be open for a beer and a chat. From the airport tell taxi Soi 3 Suk.then cross to Soi 4 ..save up to 30 mins.
  11. Well worth a look. Know your prices if you are after something specific. All the PC s and camera gear looks good. Also a lot of knock off speakers, game controllers etc. I’ve never taken games from there but all the DVDs have been good. Also lots of man toys like drones. Good for consumables like sd cards The can fix broken screens and things on the spot pretty cheap. I generally walk from Nana area. Hop between malls to keep cool and the raised walkway makes it easy.
  12. Pretty sure we had one once at the boulevard on Soi 5. Also the Royal president down near Soi 11 or 13 ... I had quite a large room with an adjoining door and a small kitchen from memory.
  13. You could try Royal Express Bangkok. They are in the first right hand sub Soi off Soi 8. Shit rooms, no elevator but cleanish and AC....even if you have to get 2 nights, it’s pretty cheap. To get them to agree I think you would have to deal directly with them.... the booking engines won’t work for anything but regular transactions.
  14. I’m happy on the train during my stay, but just couldn’t be bothered for the cost of a few beers. Taxi for me. Arrive at hotel not sweating. Fair to say though, train is quicker sometimes.
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