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  1. Seems to be in the same location as the majestic grande. There was a lot of work going on in MG when I stayed lat year. If it is the old MG they have done a bloody good job with the reno...
  2. The Asoke crossing is generally one of the safer crossings to use. You will also see a timer telling you how long you have left to complete your mission. Warning though - when that timer reaches zero your ass better be of the road because they then stop for no one. Zero = go!
  3. Had a great feed at Hemingway’s in Jomtien a couple of weeks ago. Pretty sure same ‘chain’? Huge impressive place so would like to see similar in bkk. The Huntsman underneath Landmark hotel could be a good option (good happy hour(s)/ bars snax and great menu).....
  4. Mate, if you sit at the Hooters down below, you are basically opposite the back entrance to Thermae. The taxis with the PLT's all pull up outside..... It's a wonderful hotel, modern, clean and top notch service. never a problem with girls and as someone has already mentioned, the back entrance is a bonus for access to T21 / Cowboy etc. (my first ever barfine from Tilac actually showed me the way) lol
  5. Yep going to give Landmark a try next trip (sept). Normally stay at the 4 points on S15 and always enjoy. Just time for a change and this one sounds spot on....
  6. Check out the utube vlog of a bloke called "Jonny there is something happening". Pick the ones that have titles you want to watch and you can get a fair overview of the area...
  7. Yep! I've logged about 25 nights there this year. Booked for late December for a few nights prior to heading to Pattaya. Its like a home away from home (expensive in the high season though). When I first step out of the car each trip I get "welcome back"... Absolutely safe, clean, modern and a home away from home. Cannot fault it!
  8. I actually asked this same question on another thread. It seems the Uber app is universal. Good news! Cheers
  9. Thanks for the replies, very handy to know it can be used... Cheers
  10. I always Uber when in Australia, but have never tried BKK but would certainly be my preferred option if they can get it right (and I don't mind waiting a while if I know one is on the way). One (may seem slightly dumb) question if anyone can help - is the Uber app universal? (i.e. will my current account I use in Aust work in BKK)?? Cheers all
  11. ...and nice and close to the back entrance of Thermae as well.. added bonus of the small Hooters out the front. Great hotel in a top location. you see some sights coming and going from the elevators when having breakfast in the morning!
  12. This "cell phone card" sounds interesting. Is this like a wifi "dongle" (portable wifi?). Ive always been hesitant to use my mobile except for in hotel (or restaurant etc) wifi spots. Now that I have downloaded the Line App, a prepaid portable wifi access would seem the perfect choice to be able to make calls as well??? If so - thanks for the idea!
  13. if you google "bargirl friendly hotels bangkok " you get a heap of links to check. 4 points is a definite go-er have stayed there and they are very accommodating with changing towels again after making up room etc. can also recommend Galleria 10
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