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  1. Of course it is. But the room does not have a fridge/mini bar. That makes it useless to me.
  2. This one is obvious, as the reception is on the 2nd floor so you won't even have to walk past it. Just take the elevator from the ground floor and to your room.
  3. I have stayed there several times, and I would stay there again. As long as the price is right, it's excellent value for money in my opinion. Fairly large room, and the fact that you have a small kitchen with a microwave is nice too. Of course it's not brand new so you will notice a little bit of wear and tear if you really want to be picky. But it's one of the places I will happily book again if I need something in that area. And for the price you can't expect a brand new 5-star hotel. The same goes for the one on Soi 16. Basically the same hotel.
  4. Now that I've given it a try, the hotel seemed a bit like a dump to me. I would not stay there again. I mean, there's nothing terribly wrong as such, except a lack of hot water in the shower. I just didn't like it much for some reason. A bit dated and worn, and I'm not sure about the front desk personnel. Indians?
  5. Has anyone stayed here recently? It seems to be getting bad reviews on various booking sites like Expedia... But it's fairly cheap, and you can get the bigger room for a very nice price. Should I avoid it or what?
  6. This seems to be getting rather bad reviews, with people either complaining about rude staff and booking problems, or bathrooms getting flooded when taking a shower, and so on. Is it better than the poor reviews on TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc. would lead you to believe?
  7. Yeah, Magic Table... I didn't realize that the girls were up there without underwear until one of them pointed it out to me, LOL.
  8. iCheck inn had decent wifi IMO, but holy shit, having to walk past those massage places and bars to get there... Never again. What about the Ambassador Hotel?
  9. I'm not sure I'm too worried about immigration when I'm heading in to Thailand... I'm more concerned with being late for my flight out of Thailand!
  10. iCheck inn Nana sounds like the best then. Maybe I'll check it out in a few months.
  11. So these hotels are cheap, close to each other, and mostly seem similar. Does anyone have any reasons to pick one over the others, or won't it really matter? Edit: Or should I go for the slightly pricier Ambassador Hotel Bangkok, close by as well?
  12. Get yourself vaccinated for hepatitis, as well as HPV (to avoid throat cancer), and go for it!
  13. Citadines is great, although there are no 7-11s close by, so you will have to walk for a few minutes to buy various stuff. S Sukhumvit Suites is a favorite of mine. Close to everything (Soi Cowboy, 7-11, etc., that is), and you won't have to pass by the reception when you go to your room (unless your room is on the 2nd floor I guess). Hotel Clover Asoke is also excellent. Also liked Park Plaza Sukhumvit. There are two close to each other, one on Soi 16 and the other one on Soi 16, and I tried the one on Soi 16. Again, a small walk if you need to buy something. I never tried Red Planet, mostly because it does not seem to have a fridge/mini bar to keep my beverages chilled... Of course, these are much closer to Asoke because that's where I usually hang out.
  14. Started applied for a visa every trip after 3-4 stays, eventually I used a multi-entry visa. Now I'm wondering if I would be able to go "visa-free" a couple of time since it's been a year since this whole thing started...
  15. Yes, but the lines at Immigration are different from the ones at customs, right?
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