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  1. When I try to click the "Follow" button to follow forum thread, the normal popup for following content does not appear. The message "There was a problem loading this content." appears instead. Not sure if this is a known issue, but I thought I'd make a thread about it just in case.
  2. I quite like S15 Sukhumvit Hotel as it's close to "everything" (Nana, Cowboy, Terminal 21, Robinson, etc.). For value, the cheap Tai-Pan on Soi 23 is very good IMO. A bit dated and worn, but very good for the price. Citadines (pick any I guess) is a good pick, as the rooms are big and it's fairly cheap too. And they provide a small kitchen and a large fridge in the room. Sukhumvit Suites is another one I like. Small rooms I suppose, but feels somewhat fresh, you can take the elevator straight to your floor without bothering with the reception, and it's right next to Soi Cowboy.
  3. I don't know if it helps, but I only ever travel to Thailand with carry-on. I pack everything I need in one bag which fits under the seat or in the overhead compartments. I love it. Saves time checking in/fetching suitcases too.
  4. I love Tai-Pan. Old and worn (not that bad), but it's dirt cheap, has big rooms and a bathtub.
  5. I'm sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I figured it's better to reuse this thread than make a new one. I stayed at Phachara Suites a while back, and it seems they were renovating part of the hotel. Now I notice that it says "newly renovated" or something at Agoda. The room I stayed in was a bit dated, although it was a free upgrade since they didn't have the room I had booked. Can anyone confirm whether they have actually renovated the whole thing or not? Despite getting an upgrade at Phachara Suites, I actually liked Citrus Suites just across the road more. Just because it seemed newer/fresher. And I really liked how they had proper procedures in place when I forgot some cash on the counter. Basically, the cleaning staff pulled out and two admin-type chicks were sent to the room to document everything and hand me a written notice about the money they found, etc.
  6. Will Bangkok Smile do a general checkup on the teeth as well? I couldn't find any prices for that on their site. I'm thinking about getting a checkup, a thorough cleaning, and try home whitening. Does anyone know if I need to go back again for a followup after I've gotten my home whitening kit?
  7. Just about any Sukhumvit pharmacy should have what you are looking for. I did try Apcalis from a street vendor once. I wanted to try. I told my girl to be ready to get me to a hospital. Didn't end up in a hospital, and the boner was still there. Seems to have been working, at least a little bit :D
  8. Not really? Did you have anything specific in mind? I have stayed there every now and then. You can still skip the reception if you don't want to show off your lady friend to the friendly reception staff, although they do have some rooms on the same floor as the reception, so request a higher floor if that is an issue.
  9. Of course it is. But the room does not have a fridge/mini bar. That makes it useless to me.
  10. This one is obvious, as the reception is on the 2nd floor so you won't even have to walk past it. Just take the elevator from the ground floor and to your room.
  11. I have stayed there several times, and I would stay there again. As long as the price is right, it's excellent value for money in my opinion. Fairly large room, and the fact that you have a small kitchen with a microwave is nice too. Of course it's not brand new so you will notice a little bit of wear and tear if you really want to be picky. But it's one of the places I will happily book again if I need something in that area. And for the price you can't expect a brand new 5-star hotel. The same goes for the one on Soi 16. Basically the same hotel.
  12. Now that I've given it a try, the hotel seemed a bit like a dump to me. I would not stay there again. I mean, there's nothing terribly wrong as such, except a lack of hot water in the shower. I just didn't like it much for some reason. A bit dated and worn, and I'm not sure about the front desk personnel. Indians?
  13. Has anyone stayed here recently? It seems to be getting bad reviews on various booking sites like Expedia... But it's fairly cheap, and you can get the bigger room for a very nice price. Should I avoid it or what?
  14. This seems to be getting rather bad reviews, with people either complaining about rude staff and booking problems, or bathrooms getting flooded when taking a shower, and so on. Is it better than the poor reviews on TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc. would lead you to believe?
  15. Yeah, Magic Table... I didn't realize that the girls were up there without underwear until one of them pointed it out to me, LOL.
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