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  1. I did mine there, was a day clinic, I believe only foreigners with thai partners can go though, was next door the cabbages and condoms restaurant,
  2. I prefer the hassle free cleaning, breakfast and shuttle to the BTS of a hotel. Hotel every day for me
  3. When I was in town decided to stay away as to far from the sky train, if you are staying that far down the soi might as well find a hotel in the middle of the two adult areas. Get the best of both places,
  4. Has anyone stayed in Phra Khanong Nuea area? Staying there for work later this year and I know the sky train can take me to soi coboy etc, but was wondering what the area is like from some first hand experiences
  5. I could only see it a problem if you were staying in a not so pleasant hotel. Then she might resist the travel.
  6. Why don't you stay at one hotel. Transport is cheap enough in Bangkok.....
  7. There is a limp but not noticeable as he walks slowly. I would just walk fast to get in front. I know if you have small kids you get taken to the side. More of womdering what the queues are like on a Sunday night?
  8. The only pictures on Trip advisor that are worth anything are traveller photos, I find these to be the most accurate, in terms of date and not professionally done. You get to see not only what you want to see, but also what the hotel is not willing to show in the professional photos.
  9. Hi all, I did a quick read and I can not find the answer here, Has anyone here used the Bangkok Immigration Fast Track Service at Suvarnabhumi airport, ideally on a Sunday night (10pm) as this is when myself and a friend will be arriving, when travelling on my own i have not used it, however this time the person I am travelling with has a war injury to his foot, so walking fast is not an option, however I know that Immigration times can vary wildly, So anyones experience on a Sunday night would be appreciated.
  10. I was Cav, there were times when we had to go and then it was in the back in bag or hanging over the edge, Good old times
  11. Just keep near the major malls and you cant go wrong. Myself I usually go before leaving the hotel and can hold it till I return, many years in the Army did help......
  12. Why not try a tripadvisor, it lists hotels from a few of the search engines you mentioned, another is trivago Normally my accommodation is booked at least a week before landing, planning for a stay in Bangkok starts months ahead, my April trip is booked and sealed, and now I am deciding on whether to return in November for work or October for the MotoGP
  13. I stayed here for my last one night stopover in Bangkok, the only thing I missed was the pool, even if not used it is good to have an option of a swimming pool, next time I am using Hotel Mermaid, not the fanciest hotels, but it has a pool, large rooms, good shower and does not have joiner fee's
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