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  1. I have stayed there on three different times and for the most part enjoyed it. One trip there was construction next door and the jackhammer at 7:00am was not appreciated. There is a thread on it in the hotel sections with a few pics. I have stayed in the superior and executive suite but not the deluxe. I had a deluxe booked the last trip but got in very late and they had given my room away so I got upgraded to the executive suite( I would have never paid the extra for it but it was nice). The deluxe rooms do have a balcony or some do but I think the rooms are to the back of the hotel and the b
  2. Giving it another go for three nights at the end of February. I will give another update afterwards.
  3. Boss Suites about a hundred meters down the same side street Worburi is on would be better if you are willing to pay a little more. This area is far enough away from the action so it is quiet there at night but as stated before if she is nonworking and you want to impress Soi 4 would not be the best area to stay in.
  4. Sorry didn't look into what it was. It looks like a good deal for those who have the iphone. I now understand what you meant by jaibreak as well.
  5. not sure what you are asking but any phone can be unlocked but have heard of some reporting that the person they had trying to unlock a phone couldn't do it. I don't think it is against any law but phone company may not apreciate it but unless you have a problem with the phone they would never know and the phone is yours by rights(break one without a warranty and find out how fast it is your problem not theirs as it is your phone and you need to replace it). The only reason it is locked is so a company can try and force you to use it on their service so only they can make money from it's use.
  6. Iphones can be unlocked in Thailand but not sure I would want someone toying around with an expensive phone.
  7. stayed the first few nights here on my last trip and got in very late and they had given away my room. I got upgraded to the executive suite. It was large but I would never pay the extra for it. I like this place but as you say there are some cons. Here are a couple of pics of the suite.
  8. After you pick up your bag and exit you turn to the right and you will see booths for all the major carriers lined up along the wall. I went with Happy which is from DTAC the last two trips and had no service issues in BKK,Pattaya,Phuket,Koh Sahmed,and Udon Thani. The sim card comes with a small amount of baht on it already 39BHT I think and costs 99BHT for me this is enough to get me into BKK as I have needed to text a friend the last two trips on arrival. I usually get a 100bht top up at the nearest 7 after I get settled in at the room. I don't use it to much so 100bht can last quite awhile
  9. I am guessing that you want a sim card that has data as well as just phoine service if so then yes you can from any of the services over there. I always pick mine up at the airport and even though I did not ask for one it gave me data rates so I could have used it for that if I had a phone that was good for it. I only take a cheap phone with so only need voice and texting myself as I use the laptop or netbook for anything else. I am sure more of the guys can guide you better on this but hope this helps you out.
  10. I have stayed there and it is not in the same class. It is good for a cheap place to stay but I need to aviod that soi and the thread is about Boss Suites not other hotels.
  11. look for the signs they will lead you down I believe one floor down from the taxis
  12. I think you will like it as it is a nice place and far enough away from the action to be quite and close enough to easily enjoy it
  13. Yes there are blinds for the glass wall and I kept them closed as I had the same thought. Yes it does not look far and I never had a problem with it but think some of the girls might start whinning. I would put it between 5 and 10 minutes depending on how fast you walk I never really timed it so not sure but probably closer to ten. I would stay again as I usually do some walking anyway. I stopped with my girl about halfway each night and got something to eat in the resturant across the street from the [email protected] hotel so there was a break in the walk.
  14. On my last trip on my way back to BKK for my last couple of days before leaving I booked this hotel as I had heard some good things about it and wanted to try something different. I booked it through agoda the day before needing it and got what I thought was a good price. I booked three nights for $136.98 USD. I had a deluxe room. http://www.agoda.com/asia/thailand/bangkok/ambassador_hotel_bangkok.html Pros see in bathroom pool excellent sized room in rome safe big shower take id's tuk tuk service to Nana station free wifi in room Cons location I liked everthing about
  15. I would take them to a laundromat as well before taking them into the house.
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