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  1. Been to LOS for Buddha knows how many times but i have never done a round trip to the north and north of north east (have been to Isaan several times but only the Roi Et district, Yasothon and Mukdahan) and travelled by bus a lot af times – and in the back of a pick-up a few – can not be reccomended... This time i am thinking about spending some of my stay travelling around by bus and/or train, and i would like to go from Bangkok and visit Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nong Khai, Udon (Thani) Sakhon Nakon, Khon Kaen,, Roi Et (the city itself) and then back to Bangkok and possible to Pattaya) Anyone here have tried to do such a roundtrip – and if so any ideas of how to do it (train or bus)? Have read that you can buy a Visit Thailand Railpass valid for 20 days and valid for any train but is it worth the 1500 Baht – beeing told that trains are going at a very slow speed – or is it better to go by bus? I prefer to travel during daytime so i am able to watch the landscape.
  2. Welcome to the board Haroldsson - i know how you feel- I myself is a smoker as well and checking the various bookingsites shows that more and more hotels (even budget/guest house) have stopped allowing smoking (well the BGs are still allowed to "smoke") on ther premises. Stayed in Thed Dawin (Suk soi 4) March this year and had no problems. There are still a lot of nice places to stay where you are allowed to smoke so i am sure you will find a good accomodation, Maybe other things should be banned before smoking: Life is a sexual transferred desease with a 100% death rate :D
  3. It does look quite nicde - but a bit off the beaten track deep down in a sidesoi off soi 22. I could be temptet to stay there however as soi 22 itself is a nice area. Funny thjing though if you check their daily/weekly rates - in some of the apartments (one bedroom) the price quoted is 1500 per day/11000 per week,,, AFIK a week is 7 days = 10500 :wacko: Should i choose to book there i would stay for a week, - but for sure i would book 7 DAYS :lol:
  4. Just read on another board that Areca has (finally) stopped their no girls under 20 policy so it might be a good choice (still more expensive than Opey de Place though)
  5. Areca is OK but beware if bringing girls back. You have to be sure they are at least 20 yers old or more otherwise they will not let her in (hotel rules - legal age is 18) One of the reasons i will not stay there. I prefer women in the late twenties to mid thirties but as long as the girl i bring back is of legal age i dont like the hotel to decide wheter i can take her to the room or not. Another good option (and actually very affordable in low season) is Opey de Place in Soi Lengkee. Very close to LK Metro and all the nightlife and the soi is quite quiet at nighttime. OK rooms and they have a bar/restaurant and a pool as well.
  6. Another good breakfast is in Beergarden Soi 7. Have always been happy with that and as i am not up very early i enjoy the breakfast whilst viewing the first FLs appearing so i can have a nice meal while thinking about the dessert :D
  7. It is a very nice and GF hotel quiet but close to the action. Stayed ther this March in a superior room and it was extremely clean and very comfortable. Staff very polite and helpful. Will def stay there again on a later occasion. I include a few pics of the room - not best quality but that is due to my skills as a photographer and not to be blamed on the hotel :D
  8. This March i had a ST room inside NEP (2nd or 3rd floor - dont remember) it was 300 THB for 1 hour
  9. 1.. Metered taxi. no problem. You will get a receipt from the counter and the driver will get a copy so he is aware of the destination. You will only have to pay the price on the meter + 50 baht airport surcharge and the toll for the highway if you choose to use that (reccomendable even at that time of the night and should be no more than 60 baht) 2. As others have stated - best to contact the hotel to make sure they know about your ETA. 3. Use an unlocked phone and buy a thai SIM, much cheaper - also for long distance calls. If you do not have an unlocked phone you can buy one in BKK (many places sell both new and second hand phones) MBK is one option. Be aware of thai copies though especially if you buy a smartphone. It will work perfectly in Thailand but might not work in your homecountry and you cannot change the OS (Android or other) to an original as this will kill the phone instantly. I know by experience, Bought a Samsung S4 in March and it does not work in Europe at all. Will bring it back next time and try to resell it for a slim amount of what i paid
  10. Stable Lodge in soi 8 has balconys, swimmingpool and a quite nice restaurant. Not the newest hotel but the location is great (only about 100 m to Nana BTS so it is very close to Nana and Soi Cowboy edit: forgot to paste : http://www.stablelodge.com/index.html
  11. As far as i know Sidegra is the Thai equivilant to Viagra and is sold for a government fixed price at 180 Baht (45 a piece and sold in a packet of 4), I have been to the pharmacy you mention several times but unfortunately i didnt know about the Sidegra then so bought Kamagra and paid just about 300 Baht for the 4 pcs.
  12. Thanks! I used to live in BKK so i am aware of the location (and the SC very near) but i never stayed in soi 23 or the TwoThree so just wanted to know. I really dont care about the WiFi or their internetservice in general. It is nice to have but i just by an ais (1-2-call) card with a datapackage for a small amount and that is mlore than enough for me for the whole stay . last time i think i paid 499 THB for sim and 1GB data valid for 1 month. Many places i go to do offer free WiFi so i only spend the datapackage when in the hotel or when i really need to check something in a place with no WiFi. After all i am on holiday so i do not need to be online 24/7 and i dont use the timewasters as Facebook or Twitter...
  13. Have prebooked a stay there in January as it is well located and has a lot of facilities but is it good and GF?
  14. Cheap ST rooms are found everywhere - just ask the girl - she will know :) I have been to several ST rooms but to mention a few there are one in soi 7/1 (world inn if i remember correct), one in soi 3 (bigger rooms and more time to play - but i never got to know the name of the place as i always went there by taxi with a girl from Biergarten), a few inside NEP (many just outside) and one in SC and another just outside SC. Again just ask the girl and you ar e good to go (or cum :D )
  15. Thanks for all answers. Never went to Star Inn. Chose a hotel in the outskirts for a few days and then moved to The Dawin in soi 4 (very good and comfortable - i will give it a 7 out of 10 but as it is a 3 star hotel it deserves10/10) Extremely friendly staff good location an propably thr brdt bed i ever fucked slept in 555
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