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  1. Will spend a week, taking 3g, after ticket and hotel would probably have about 1500 left to fuck every night. If I need to take out more that is no issue as well, but the budget I am trying to stay for the week is 3g. I'm waiting for the ticket to drop in price right from DFW to bbk is about over 1k just the plane ticket roundtrip (one-way), and the hotel shouldn't be expensive but I am looking for luxury and view of the city. Reading the forum I see many stay near SOI, why book a hotel near Nana instead if SOI cowboy has more of a night life? Also what I am trying cross of my list is, bj bar,
  2. Maybe my English ain't great and no not lazy, I already did my research and what I meant on the plane is to review my research again I'm trying to get your experience and learn from it. Stop assuming and try to understand and if you don't "spoon fed" then the post ain't really for you then. Yet you are very happy and comment on trips reports that goes to the smallest details take your double standard ass somewhere else. Thanks you Thank you
  3. I plan some time in the future to go. Couple of questions. Coming in from DFW so about I see that it's about 21 hr or so in the plane, so I will have time to sleep and research more info about Bangkok. How much money should I take with me or just pulled from bank at Bangkok? Also when I'm there exchange rate and what I should look at for? Types of scam? Cell service, currently have sprint, should I get a burner? Or wifi is great at the majority of the areas I will be in like so far I read about SOI cowboy and Nana plaza, I will probably be there for a week and I want to see everything if I can
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