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  1. So tack on an extra day in the reservation? That makes so much sense. Thank you sir.
  2. In my research for a potential flight, it seems my best option is a flight that lands around 12:30am. Assuming I get through immigration and baggage claim by 1:30am, what suggestions do people have about where I can go for an 8-12 hour stay before checking into my main hotel? It appears the "on site hotels" are quite expensive and you have to go through immigration twice. Much thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks everyone for the info. If I run into any issues, I'll use the "spaghetti method" described earlier in the post by another board member.
  4. Thanks everyone for the info. It does appear there could be issues based on what kind of restaurants I go to. Seems like bringing along some plastic utensils might be in order.
  5. A rather embarrassing question, but one I must ask as it's the truth and it's unlikely to change. I can't grasp how to use chopsticks. I tried "training" chopsticks, but it's just not working and due to being on a computer more than 75% of my life, my hands tighten up on occasion with possible arthritis. My question is this. Will I be able to get around this in Bangkok using western utensils? If so, do most restaurants have them? Thanks in advance for your help
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