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  1. Thank you. For the life of me I don’t know why I did not think of taking a photo on phone of stamp and departure card.
  2. When I get to bangkok I do not want to be walking around for 4 days with my passport and visa on hand. They are staying in my room's safe. I already have a photo copy of my passport. Could anyone tell me a good place to get a photocopy of my 30 day visa in the Sukhimvit area when I arrive?
  3. Is it a good idea to get medical advice on an Internet forum? No. Better idea, if there is reason to ask the question get tested. Your doctor or clinic has seen it all before.
  4. My brother who is an expat living in Pattaya first moved to Thailand 10 years ago. His first two years he lived in Bangkok. When I told him this coming trip I was going to spend a few days in Bangkok before going down to Pattaya he told me to worry more about falangs who want to make friends with you than anything else. He also jokingly told me to be ready to dodge rats. I guess I will find out myself in a couple weeks.
  5. Funny seeing this topic as I am another who when seeing West World for the first time thought, hey that’s Thailand. To extend another analogy I think of AC in The Philippines as being like Deadwood.
  6. I am thinking of booking this hotel for late January. My flight arrives in the morning (7:00AM) and I would like to use the airport rail link to the BTS. I am not worried about the distance of the walk from Nana BTS to the hotel, but I am concerned about safely walking to the Dawin with luggage in tow. How safe is this walk? I mean safe in terms of not getting hit by a bus walking down Soi 4?
  7. I fly out from Chicago and have also found getting a flight that leaves at night and arrives in BKK in the day makes it easier for me to adjust.
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