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  1. Once I see the mention of 'bugs' I think I'll have to find another hotel.
  2. So would you guys conclude this is the best Bang for the Buck near Nana Plaza?
  3. 400 baht including tolls for a taxi from the hotel, so I booked it for tomorrow morning. At least no sweating and hauling bags around. I've sweated so much this trip, I can't wait to get back to Canada.
  4. I'm close to the Sukhumvit MRT or Asoke BTS and I have an 8:15am flight at BKK. I believe the train opens at 6:00 so I'd have enough time. Might be cutting it close if I choose the train to the Airport Express Line... Last time I took it I remember stairs and some pretty long jaunts with my luggage so I'd probably be sweaty as hell when I get to the airport. Just wondering what the MRT looks like at 6am, might be bedlam. Might just pay 500b for a taxi, all inclusive of tolls like I did last time.
  5. Don't know why but I'm bored during the day in Bangkok and Ter 21 doesn't have much beside clothes and a food court. Wondering if anyone has gone to this mall, if it's safe to buy as I've read they sell fakes and pirated stuff. Just wondering if it's worth my sweat in the subway to do it. If anyone is interested, is in the Ter 21 area, wants to split a cab, PM me. Was thinking about looking at a new tablet.
  6. You can't go up the elevator without a keycard so they just called the guest and brought them up, I'm sure. Breakfast is okay, nothing that special. Best dishes are the couple stir fry they have. Haven't found a good American breakfast yet in Thailand, doubt I ever will. It is removed a little farther from the action than I'd like, almost nothing for 500M to Terminal 21 except for 6 lane highway.
  7. Removed from the action sounds like a good thing to me as there would be less noise. But, on a map it doesn't look more than 500 meters from Soi Cowboy or Ter 21. That's probably less than a 5 minute walk. Guest Friendly doesn't mean they track the girls movement, as the last hotel didn't do it either. Did they accept their ID or write down their name and info when they came in?
  8. I don't care about the pool, I try to avoid the sun as I'm pale. Guest friendly, clean, nice size room, value for money, proximity to Cowboy, is what I like. The free breakfast will save me money if it's decent. Cheap food in Ter 21 blocks away, BTS and MRT close by... good location.
  9. I guess I did some searches and got the answers I needed. The price dropped a couple bucks more and I booked. Tons of good reviews of it being guest friendly, blocks from the MRT (easy from the airport rail) and a couple minute walk from Soi Cowboy, included buffet breakfast (which I've read is good), etc. Lots of positive vibes. Was going to book S Sukhumvit Suites but the tiny rooms killed it for me. Their 'suite' is about the same size as FuramX's regular room.
  10. This more upscale hotel is coming up at a reasonable price for me, although non-refundable, it has free breakfast and a LARGE room for Bangkok standards for a decent price. It's a couple dollars more than S Sukhumvit Suites which has a better location, but small rooms and no free breakfast. Just wondering if anyone has stayed at the FuramaXclusive Asoke which looks to be about 500M from Soi Cowboy, has done the walk and has seen the neighbourhood, etc. Anything interesting on that walk, like massage places or other similar activities? Guest Friendly??? Thanks.
  11. That's probably the best course of action right there... more than one thing that causes it, multi-pronged solution sounds like a winner.
  12. Alas, I just came back and I'm already looking at rates to come back, either in mid-October or mid-December. I'm definitely looking for more upscale than where I stayed before, Sacha's Uno on Soi 19, nothing terribly wrong with the place - other than needing updating. I was considering The Dream Hotel, which is a 5* at a reasonable price.
  13. The whole bill at the Italian place was less than The Game, ripoff joint. I think the pizza was around 325B. It could easily feed a man and woman out for dinner. Two adult Western guys, maybe it would be a stretch. I'm not big on all-can-eat buffets (that's what it sounds like) but I'd keep it in mind. Seems like something I'd do if it was my last night and I was blowing the last of my Thai money.
  14. Last night I was craving some pizza, after a long massage session - I felt refreshed, but starving. Looked online for a pizza joint close to my hotel. Found one that was rated well on google, Big Mama Pizza. A few minute walk and the weather had cooled down around 9pm. Some of those driveways were slanted on the street which made me walk sideways. What are the city planners thinking? I guess it goes well with the potholes and huge plants right in the middle of the sidewalk. Sat down and ordered a personal pizza. Damn, it was quite large and I could only eat 6 of the 8 slices. Break
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