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  1. Any recommendations? Restaurant name? I'm back in BKK in Jan and I really want to spend a full night in Patpong for a change. Cheers
  2. Thanks for the reply Lev! As for Sugar, never been but I'm not a huge hip hop fan, at least not in clubs. Much prefer good house/deep house or even commercial electro. That's why I tend to go to Insanity. I like Mixx for the girls as I feel there's much more talent there and of higher quality but I hate the music played in the main room. + it's non smoking.
  3. Hi all! Will be coming once again in Jan 2020. Wondering what are the current situation in BKK. What's the closing time of the main clubs at the moment? Still 2am? (Insanity/Mixx/Levels). Any after clubs at the moment that stays open later than that? Do we have a new replacement for Climax or the best alternative is still Hillary 4? Is Queen Park Plaza worth going still? Any new clubs/bar worth checking out? Thanks!
  4. Great news ! Only 3 nights but I'll be sure to enjoy every minute of it !
  5. Hi All! Just booked 3 nights at the new Hyatt Regency on Sukhumvit, Hotel looks amazing but I couldn't get the confirmation that it was GF. So if any of you kind soul gave it a go, let me know :) Cheers!
  6. Hi All! Planning a trip in Feb 2019 and I'm debating changing my usual hotel choice. I tend to go to either Aloft or Fraser Suites because of their Soi 11 location. I especially like Fraser suite for the size of the room, the balcony and having Above Eleven in the same building. I've just seen the new Hyatt Regency popping up online with the official opening coming up this fall (Oct/Nov 2018). The hotel looks fantastic online, great room/pool and a nice location right on sukhumvit near the Nana bts stop. 140$ per night is a bit above what I usually pay but the fancy features might be w
  7. For that price you could have had a Michelin experience at l'Atelier Robuchon.
  8. Thank you all for the advices. Looks like I'll stick with Aloft then! You made the decision pretty straight forward I must say. Too much possible hassle and uncertainties and not enough added values.
  9. Hi all, I'm in the process of booking my next trip for this upcoming September. I'll spend first 3 nights at Aloft, then I'll be for 4 night in Pattaya and back in BKK for 4 more nights. The last 4 nights haven't been booked yet and I'm contemplating switching it up a bit. I'm usually staying at Aloft because of the location, the price, service, GF etc. I like the place. But I'm almost willing to try something new and go AIRBNB for a change. I've found 2 appartments for now: This one on Soi 11. great location as I really like staying on this soi. There's everything there
  10. Just checke dtheir website, looks great! I'll hopefully try it this upcoming Sept. I'm always hungry for new places/hidden gems. Don't hesiate to give some more ^_^
  11. Upcoming trip to Hanoi-BKK-Pattaya September 2017.

  12. I'm sure there's plenty indeed. Can you give a few names that are similar to SoulFood? I love the street food and the cheap looking rest but sometime it's nice to sit a cosy place like Soul Food. Nice ambiance, not too big etc. I'm not sure if you see what I mean. But I'm always looking for new addresses ! Cheers
  13. Fully agree on Soul Food! It's become my go-to restaurant in BKK. I will go there everytime I'm in the city, most likely the first night. The ribs are insanely good. Plenty of outstanding thai dishes. The place is outside the main tourists hub as well, got a feeling it was mostly expats/thai eating there. Not a lot of table, but great ambiance. A must try in BKK! Booking is highly recommended.
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