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  1. Highly recommend it. Ran about $100 / night...excellent location.....easy walk to Nana...10 minute walk to Soi Cowboy. Comfortable bed....good bathroom.....shower, etc......Staff excellent — all smiles, they will run and push the elevator button for you if they see you headed up. Room was clean and very modern (automatic window shades, etc....). No issues bringing in guests. Only balancing comment...the aircon. It was ok...default was 25 degrees and it seemed to reset to that regularly. I like it cold and would lower it to 20....it was a bit slow to cool down. But, what I found is that
  2. Done and dusted....reservations confirmed at The Landmark....thanks very much for the help!
  3. Gentlemen, I will be in BKK for three nights in May. Usually when I go it's for business so I'm not to fussed about where to say. But, this time is a bit different. I am looking for a comfortable place -- close proximity to Nana and Cowboy...good aircon...guest friendly....no raised eyebrows no matter the creature(s) I'm seen with.....in the $150 / night range (wouldn't mind a little less, but would rather not go over that if I can avoid it). Recommendations? Landmark? other? I know there are some threads here that address it, but I didn't see anything recent. Appreciate the help.
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