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  1. It depands in where you stay: Novotel or Ibis. I stayed in Novotel and the grand deluxe room was perfect in my opinion. Location ofcourse very good to. Cheers Dutchy
  2. I arrive Novotel tomorrow and will give feedback about the hotel. Dutchy
  3. They also have a chat option wich i used to ask if they still could offer. The chat was answered with reply that they the only one that offer at the moment. I paid it and it worked perfect. Yes, it is 1200 thats true
  4. Still have but not at all websites. This site still offers meet and greet fast track service: www.limousine.in.th/fast-track-immigration.html I used the service last September. 1200 bht meet and great and pass premium lane. Dutch Talung
  5. I booked the Grande Deluxe room for 4 days. Lets check it out in December! :D :D
  6. Has anyone already tried the newly opened hotel Novotel Ibis Styles on Nana Soi 4?
  7. I ordered the fast track service on that website for my september trip. Only fasttrack, no taxi or something: 1200 bht
  8. The website with the fasttrack cards for 400 thb are not available anymore for a while now. They write: ''no cards on stock at the moment. Try again after a few days.'' I am waiting for some time now but stil they dont have the cards. I also tried another fasttrack service and contacted them. BFS premium airport service. They sent me an email back that this services are now only for bussines class tickets available. Airport authorties changed their pollicy they say.
  9. Thanks for the replys guys! I will book next week, Premium Corner Room. I like to have a good big hotel room with a nice view when i fuck Thai girls..... Talung
  10. Hi Guys Has anyone stayed in Landmark hotel in one of their Premium Corner Rooms before? I want to try it in September and like to have a great view of the city when i fuck a girl in the room. Is it worth the money to book Landmark or has anyone another advice? Dutch Talung
  11. I bought a Premium Lane card online last year for my visit in December. That card cost 500 bht included sending to your home. I worked out very well for me because it was very very busy at immigration. When you arrive you walk to immigration and check the lines. If they are busy you use te card and walk on to Premium Lane (not the one at normal immigration but a little bit further walk). If it is not busy you keep your card and take normal immigration, keep the card for next time. Talung
  12. Thanks Atlaspopovic, totally agree with you. I just booked Hotel Icon for my stay in June. Cheers! Talung
  13. Hi guys, Has anyone stayed in Hotel Icon? It looks new and fresh and the location isn't bad also. Just walk between the Soi where Annies massage is and you step into Soi 4. Talung
  14. Yes, that is to much in my opinion also. Around 2K a night is ok, but prefer 1,5K.
  15. I am interrested also. During my last visit to BKK i stayed next door at Dynasty Grande wich was Nice. I saw they were opening Citrus during that days and i was wondering if it should be a Nice place for my next visit. Please keep us informed
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