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  1. Do a LOT of on-line research and you will find it is dangerous, hazardous to your health. Educate yourself before you do it.
  2. What would a cab cost from NANA to Don Mueang airport ?
  3. Any hotel or public pools near Nana where you can pay a small fee to use ? I checked Nana Hotel and was told its only for guests.
  4. I am coming in on Air Aisa, where can I get info about the free bus shuttle ?
  5. I stayed at the BB Boutique Mansion (38/1 Sukumvit 20, 10110) about a 5 min walk from Cowboy. Small place down a quite soi and alley, very quite, soft bed, gf, friendly people and house cats. Weekly rate 6000b (857 per/night) close to everything (walkway over Sukumvit) but so quite and peaceful. tel: 02 258 6192
  6. Second question: on my return from Cambodia to Don Muang I will want to go directly to the Suvarnabhumi Airport. What kind of transport goes from airport to airport ?
  7. What is the best way to get Transportation to Don Mueang airport Bangkok from Nana or Cowboy? any of the hotels have transportation ? Thank you
  8. Looking for hotels very close (easy walk) to COWBOY for less than 1000b per night.
  9. CaptJoe

    Re-entry Permit

    Thank you So if your Visa is expired and you travel outside Thailand to get a new Visa you do not need a Re-entry permit.
  10. Any suggestions for Hotels ?
  11. CaptJoe

    Re-entry Permit

    OK you have a Visa and are ready to make a run to get a new visa what is this I hear about a Re-Entry Permit, where and when do you get one ?
  12. Any suggestions for Hotels in Bangkok around the action for 1000b
  13. In 1992 I went to Bangkok as a normal photo taking tourist and did not join in the night-life. I am planning to return and this time I want the action of Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, etc. so i will want to stay near but will be on a limited budget. Therefore i am seeking advice and recommendations for hotels in these areas that are in the 500/1000b range. I only need a small room with AC, TV, warm shower, wifi, in-room safe box, and security from theft. Your advice will be greatly appreciated.
  14. Over night train not bad but air is much better. in 1992 I was a normal very low budget tourist now its the girl action I am after so Koko's report of one ONE gogo is not encouraging. Question: is the weather cooler in summer than down south ?
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