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  1. Agreed! This forum definitely makes feel like I’m still in touch with what’s going on while I’m away. And it seems like things change rapidly in Bangkok. Different places open and close or move all of the time. Anyone know how long the review process is after hitting 50 posts to become an Advanced Member? I know there’s more to it than post count. Just curious to know if there’s anything specific that I need to do. I find this board very helpful and entertain8ng.
  2. I did the floating market tour out to Damnoen Sadouk. (Ilm sure that I screwed up the way that should be spelled). It was awesome! Stopped at a coconut farm on the way out there and had the best green chicken curry that I’ve had. The market was cool. Mostly talked to a mom and her two adult daughters from Singapore. Took about 8 hours in total and was dirt cheap.
  3. How did you go about arranging the minivan? Did you return the same day and if so, did they wait for? Cost?
  4. I think I’d feel a little more awkward bringing a girl back to an airbnb. I’m not exactly sure why that bothers me,bit does. Any policies about guests coming back to an airbnb?
  5. It’s on my list to try soapy on my next visit. I’ve been researching my choices as much as possible. Imwas thinking that I might try Emanuelle or Poseidon and go straight for the high end girls! but I’m not opposed to the value and pleasure of a woman who’s been around the block a few times. Some of the best sessions that I’ve had in the states were when all but the mamasan was busy and she came out of retirement for an hour.
  6. Same here. I pity the poor soul tha gets assigned to me. Maybe he can scroll through my work email amd offer a few pointers.
  7. Dream Hotel is on Soi 15 and very close to Thermae. It might be a little more expensive than thise listed, but it’s well maintained and very comfortable.
  8. I booked mine through expedia.com. it was Thailand East Tours I think.
  9. On my last trip I hired a car through the travel agent. It worked out great, but was definitely more expensive. I arrived around 10pm so traffic wasn’t bad. I’m arriving early morning on my next trip. I haven’t decided on transportation yet, but if I’m able to travel with just carry on I might take the train. Any idea what time the morning rush hour starts?
  10. I probably should have stayed at one of the Marriott locations to take advantage of my rewards status. an upgrade to a suite would be nice. For some reason when I looked at this location on the map it seemed too far away from the action. Rookie mistake.
  11. Sounds like your expectations shoudn’t be too high. No doubt the girl will be okay with it. I don’t think I’ve heard of one refusing based on hotel. The question is are you okay with it.
  12. I used it and only had carry on luggage. I don’t know if it was much faster than normal business class service and I didn’t have a golf cart pick me up, but I can tell you that I was off the plane all the way through immigration and customs in less than 10 minutes. To be clear, my flight arrived late on Friday night.
  13. I booked it as part of a package so it’s hard to say. I’m an American working in India so I was flying out of Mumbai. My trip was business class and three nights at the hotel with a deluxe king size bed, up to 3 guests and a breakfast buffet was only $800 US.
  14. I hope this is the right place for this post. I recently stayed at the Dream Hotel on Soi 15. I thought that it was an excellent choice. It’s located sligtly closer to Cowboy than Nana, but both are a reasonable stroll. It’s also right around the corner from Thermae. I actually like to walk, so the massage shops on 22 and 24 were still convenient. As far as the hotel is concerned. The staff was extremely professional and friendly. My room was very modern with a blue light that could be switched on for atmosphere. Sounds cheesy, but it was actually very nice. The breakfast buffet w
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